Veil Length Guide and How to Choose the Right One for You

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The veil is one of the most traditional pieces of wedding attire, dating back to ancient times when the lifting of the veil symbolized the groom receiving his bride or as a revelation of the bride by her parents to the groom. Although the veil has represented modesty, virginity, love, and even ownership in many religions and cultures over the centuries, the modern bride may wear the headpiece simply for beauty’s sake.

Whatever your reason for choosing to take part in this bridal tradition, you’ll want to know a few facts before deciding on the perfect veil for you. We’ve put together a veil length guide, as well as some gorgeous inspiration, to help you find the perfect piece for your big day. Plus, you can purchase any of the veils you see on this page! Just click the links to be taken to the veil collections.

Before we get into the facts and figures, ask yourself these questions to help you find the best veil:

1) What is my wedding dress style? If you’ve already purchased your wedding gown, great! You’re already one step ahead in navigating the wonderful world of veils. If you haven’t, not to worry. Just be as sure as possible about what kind of dress you’ll be wearing. Knowing the details about your dress (the length, shape, adornments, etc.) will help you narrow down what kinds of veils will pair nicely with the look of your gown.

2) Where is the ceremony taking place? Will it be indoors or outdoors? For outdoor weddings, consider the season. Will it be on a beach or in a garden? A small church or large cathedral? Wearing a floor-length veil might not be such a good idea if your aisle is made of sand, but a short, birdcage veil with a a feather flower would be perfect for such a venue.

3) How will I wear my hair? Consider the hairstyle you’ll be rocking. Most veils look nice on down hairstyles, but if you’re wearing your hair up or have an intricate style in mind, think about both the fabric and length of the veil so as not to weigh your hair down/flatten it or conceal the style you’re so proud of. Let your stylist know what veil you have in mind and once you purchase one, practice placing it in your hair before the big day.

Now let’s talk veil lengths and styles.

Bridal Veil Style and Length Guide

Birdcage Veil

Ivory Bird Cage Veil


The birdcage veil is perfect for outdoor weddings or brides wanting a vintage look. Similarly, they also look amazing worn with short wedding dresses. Typically, these veils are the shortest length, ranging from just below the eyes to just past the chin.

Fingertip Veil

Two Tier Fingertip Length Veil


The fingertip-length veil is the most popular style, as it flatters most brides and dresses. At approximately 36 inches and extending to the bride’s fingertips, this veil is just short enough to not block the focus of the gown, but still has the length for those who want a longer style veil.

Chapel Veil

Chapel Length Lace Veil


The chapel-length veil is a statement style and calls for an elegant, regal, and romantic wedding gown and venue. The chapel veil is also known as a sweep or full veil and extends all the way to the ground, measuring between 90 and 100 inches in length. Although beautiful on its own, brides often pair it with a blusher or shorter length veil for multi-layered loveliness.

Cathedral Veil

Cathedral Length Tulle Veil


The cathedral style is the longest veil you’ll find in the closet. It is the most formal style and should be worn with a similar style dress. The cathedral-length comes in at 120-144 inches, extending past the dress and sweeping the floor. It’s definitely an impression maker and makes for beautiful photographs.

Waltz Veil

Waltz Length Mantilla Lace Wedding Veil


The waltz veil, also known as the ballet veil, is between 54 and 60 inches long, falling somewhere between the calf and ankle. As a slightly longer veil, it looks beautiful with fitted dresses without trains, but it’s short enough to make handling much easier than a floor-length veil. For brides who can’t decide between knee-length and floor-length, the waltz veil is the way to go.

There you have it! We hope reading through this guide has given you the inspiration you need to find your perfect veil length and style. Let us know which is your favorite and if you have any style ideas for future veils here at ieie Bridal.

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