The Most Popular 2018 Wedding Style Trends

Unless you've been hiding underground for years, you've probably perused through the Etsy website, maybe even bought something. It's easy to get caught up in all of the beautiful handmade products the creators offer.

Because of its popularity, Etsy is also able to track trends, including wedding trends. Last month they put together a 2018 wedding trend report that includes style and decor.

Today, we're going to focus on the most popular 2018 bridal style trends according to Etsy, all of which you can find right here at ieie Bridal!

Detailed Wedding Dresses

Ballgown Wedding Dress with Embroidered Flowers


The simple, white wedding dress still has its place, but more brides are searching for embroidered bridal wear and embellished gowns. Take a look at these two from our wedding dress collection. The regal ballgown features embroidered flowers and the short lace dress is embellished with handmade flowers.


Short Lace Wedding Dress with Handmade Flowers


Statement Sleeves

Vintage Tulle Wedding Dress with Half Sleeves


Etsy's prediction for 2019 wedding dresses includes those with statement sleeves. Our vintage lace wedding gown has the prettiest flutter half sleeves accented with lace. 

Dramatic Veils

Cathedral Length Veil with Lace Applique


According to Etsy, the search for attention-grabbing, statement veils has increased by 213 percent since 2017. Our cathedral length veil with lace applique is truly dramatic and will look gorgeous trailing the aisle. For more statement veils, read our blog post on Dramatic Wedding Veils.

Capes and Cloaks

Medieval Chiffon Cloak with Hood


Brides are channeling their medieval ancestors by wearing capes and cloaks over their 2018 wedding dresses. Not only does a cape add instant flair, but also provides an extra layer of warmth for winter brides. Our chiffon cloak also has a hood in case your ears get a bit frosty.

For 2018 wedding decor trends, head over to the Etsy report.

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