5 Alternative Gifts That Are Better Than Wedding Guest Favors

Not only are monogrammed...well...anything and trinkets plastered with the wedded couple's faces not gifts any guest wants to take home, they're also favors that get left behind, thrown in the trash, and ultimately rot (or not) away in a landfill somewhere. Talk about a waste of money and precious space.

So what do guests really want? Well, think about what you'd want and go from there. Edibles are definitely a great option (but skip the tin of mints), as well as things that are actually practical and the guests can use. 

Here's some inspiration for alternative gifts that are way better than wedding favors.

1. Morning After "Brunch" 

To-be wedded couples are digging on hosting a morning after the wedding brunch, complete with all the scrumptious food and a mimosa bar. But let's face it - not everyone can afford such a fete, especially after dishing out loads of cash on the big day. And even if you can afford it, maybe you anticipate just being too exhausted to gather for another celebration.

Instead, consider sending your hotel guests morning room service as a thank you for attending the wedding. It'll be less expensive and a nice surprise. Request that concierge send up their most popular breakfast or brunch dishes and a bottle of champagne, if you're feeling extra giving, along with a note that says how grateful you are that they came all that way just to see you say I do. 

You can still gift small edibles during the wedding so no one gets left out. 

2. Unique Entertainment 

Belly dancers, cigar rollers, cocktail mixers, fire eaters, live bands, magicians...the sky's the limit when it comes to fascinating wedding entertainment. I can almost guarantee that guests would much rather watch a group of belly dancers than have you spend an unholy amount of money on monogrammed keychains that they plan on throwing away anyway. 

Unique entertainment gives your guests instant gratification, as well as something to gush about and remember years down the road.

3. Mini Bar in a Jar 

Here's a well received gift even if you are having an open bar. Just find a larger size mason jar and fill it with mini bottles of liquor. Having a dry wedding? Not a problem, as you can fill your jar with just about anything - hot cocoa and peppermint sticks, for instance.

4. Seasonal Gifts 

Having a summer wedding? Put out a basket of beautifully designed hand fans. Winter wedding guests will adore taking home a warm throw. You get the idea. A practical gift that guests can actually use during whatever season it corresponds to is a much better idea than a koozie with your names on it.

5. Charitable Donation 

Instead of handing your guests a physical item, let them know you've donated to a charity close to your heart. Place a tag with the information next to their place card or have the info printed on the place card itself.

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