5 Essentials for a Summer Wedding

Wedding season is here! Not only that, couples are gearing up for their summer weddings, and those who are still in the planning stages may be thinking about having a hot-weather wedding. 

Whichever category you fall into, you'll want to check out these essentials for a summer wedding. Make sure they're on your list if your big day is happening in a few months, and be sure to put them on your wedding must-haves if you're planning for a future summer wedding.

1. Refreshments 

A June, July, or August wedding calls for plenty of refreshing eats and drinks. Keep yourself and your guests hydrated throughout the day by serving cool drinks (especially water) or setting up a drink station that's stocked with ice cold or flavored water. Lemon, lime, and cucumber-infused water adds a bit of zest.

If you want to serve alcohol, keep the liquor light: think chilled white or rose wine, light beers, and a signature summer cocktail, like this Fresh Mint Margarita.

Fresh Mint Margarita

Photo by Francesco Lagnese via delish

As for refreshing summer eats and treats, serve things like fruit/vegetable/pasta salads, finger sandwiches, Popsicles and poptails (Popsicle infused with a cocktail mix), and soft-serve ice cream. It would be so much fun to set up a sundae bar and let guests build their own ice cream sundaes. 

2. Summer Fun Favors 

Fill baskets or buckets with sunscreen and set out sunshades for guests to use during the ceremony and then take home. You might even have a designated "summer wedding essentials" or "relief" station for guests to pop by and pick up things like bug spray, sunblock, sun glasses, hydrating skin misters, bottled water, hand fans, lip balm, etc. 

Summer Wedding Relief Station

Photo by The Reason via Southern Weddings

3. Shade 

And speaking of summer relief, if you're having all or part of your wedding outside, make sure there is adequate shade for your guests. The last thing you want is a loved one fainting from heat stroke during the "I dos." 

Wedding Shade Trees

Shade trees are a wonderful natural way to keep guests cool, but you can also rent a tent to use during the ceremony/reception or as a lounge area. Pretty parasols or standing umbrellas can also be provided for those moments when there's just no way to hide from the sun.

Tip: During the summer months, it’s more ideal to have an early morning wedding or sunset ceremony with an evening reception.

4. Beauty Essentials 

Summer beauty is all about light and fresh. As a summer bride, you'll want to keep your makeup from melting and your hair from wilting or frizzing. Choose styles that are easy to maintain. Up-dos will keep the hair off of your neck and will prevent hair from sticking to your skin in humid weather. 

Bridal Beauty

Keep your makeup light and dewy. Consult a makeup artist about summer fresh looks that are hot-weather proof, but will still look wedding wonderful. You can also pack a touch-up kit that includes pressed powder and blotting sheets that you can use throughout the day. 

5. Backup Plan 

Summertime is usually blue skies and balmy breezes, but you never know when the clouds will roll in and unleash their summery storms. Better to be safe than sorry, especially during your wedding, so ask your venue what happens if it rains or if there are heavy winds. Once you know the details, form a plan for how everything will be transferred inside. 

Wedding Day Rain

Photo by Christine Han via New York Times

With these five summer wedding essentials ticked off of your must-have list you won't have anything to sweat!

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