7 Ways to Honor the Mother of the Bride at the Wedding

Traditionally, Moms have always played a role in their daughter's weddings; they help them plan, choose a dress, and offer the kind of support only a mother can. 

The mother of the bride might also be just as excited about the wedding as her daughter. She's dreamt of the day her sweet daughter would walk down the aisle looking gorgeous in the wedding gown (and even better if the gown was Mom's). 

Although it might be your big day, it doesn't hurt to honor Mom before, during, and/or after the wedding celebrations to show her how grateful you are for her love and support.

Here we have 7 ways to honor the mother-of-the bride that she'll appreciate and possibly even shed a tear over. Get out the tissues!

Get some mother-daughter portraits once you're all made up. Once your hair and makeup is done, and Mom and the bridesmaids have helped you into your gown, take a moment to get some mother-daughter photos in the bridal suite before the ceremony starts.

She'll adore having that special time with her daughter before the big day begins and she'll have some beautiful photos to hang on her wall and set on her desk.

Treat her to a thank you day. Just as you might organize a brunch for your bridesmaids to say thank you for their help, you can do the same for your mom.

Whether it's breakfast at home, then an afternoon at the spa, or lunch at her favorite restaurant, treating Mom to a day that shines a light on her will be received with open arms.

Wear something from her wedding day. Moms love seeing their daughters donning a special item from their own weddings. Maybe it's a piece of her wedding dress sewn into yours, a brooch attached to your bridal bouquet, or the necklace she wore down the aisle. 

You'll not only feel honored to carry something from your Mom's special day, but she will too. She might even gift it to you, which you can then gift to your daughter, and so on and so on. 

Present her with a flower from your bouquet. Both you and your husband can take a moment before saying your vows to present your moms with a flower from your bridal bouquet. 

It will definitely surprise them, and they'll feel especially honored to have their kids take a brief moment to present them with a beautiful thank you gift.

Have her help walk you down the aisle. Just because it's usually Dad's job to walk the bride down the aisle, doesn't mean Mom can't help. Have her and Dad accompany you to the altar or have Mom walk you half way and Dad take over from there. 

Display her wedding photos. If Mom and Dad are still married, you can display photos from their wedding day on your welcome table. The groom can do this as well, and you might even want to display photos from your grandparent's wedding to complete the look. This also works for honoring loved ones who have passed away.

Present her with a gift. While you're still in your bridal suite, present Mom with a special gift that shows her how much you adore her. A card with a handwritten note and a piece of jewelry she can wear during the wedding always makes for a lovely gift, but feel free to honor her with anything you think she might cherish for many years.

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