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7 Ways to Make Your Maid of Honor Stand Out

Your maid of honor is your right-hand gal. She's been with you through thick and thin, tears and laughter, love and heartache. Maybe she's your sister, your best friend, your cousin, but no matter the relationship, she's the one you want to stand by your side when you say, 'I do.'

A special person like your MOH deserves to stand out. Not that you think any less of your bridesmaids, but as an honored nod to your leading lady you probably want to shine just a little bit more light on her so that people recognize how important she is to you. 

Here are 7 ways you can help your maid of honor stand out in ways that both you and she will love. 

1. A Dress of a Different Color

7 Ways to Make Your Maid of Honor Stand Out

Photo by Justin DeMutiis via Social and Personal Weddings

One way you can help your maid of honor stand out is by dressing her in a gown that's a different color from the bridesmaids' dresses. Even if it's just a shade darker/lighter, the difference will be noticeable as she walks down the aisle and stands with the bridesmaids. 

2. Long vs. Short

How to Make Your Maid of Honor Stand Out

Photo by Lisa Lytton via Azazie

Are your bridesmaids wearing long dresses? Put your MOH in something short. The opposite works as well, with your MOH in a maxi dress and your bridesmaids donning tea length dresses.  

3. Belt Bling

Silver Jeweled Crystal Sash


Even if you want your bridesmaids and MOH to wear the same dress, you can still shine a spotlight on your number-one maid by having her add a jeweled belt or sash to her dress. 

4. Plains and Prints

Ways to Make Your Maid of Honor Stand Out

Photo by VUE Photography via Shannon Gail

Another easy way to make your bestie stand out is by having her wear a dress that's either plain or printed, depending on what the bridesmaids are wearing. If all of the maids are wearing plain purple gowns, give your MOH a purple printed gown. This creates a unique look and will make your honored maid feel truly special.

5. Textured

7 Ways to Make Your MOH Stand Out

Photo via Pinterest

Here's a unique idea: switch up your maid of honor's dress texture. For example, if the bridesmaids are in satin, have the MOH wear lace or vice versa. Another way to do this is by making use of separates; if the bridesmaids are wearing sequined skirts and lace tops, have the maid of honor slip on the opposite - a sequined top and lace skirt.

6. Style Switch

7 Ways to Help Your Maid of Honor Stand Out

Photo by Jessica Strickland via The Knot

Switching up the dress style can be as subtle or obvious as you want it to be. Are the bridesmaids dressed in halter top gowns? Have the MOH walk the aisle in a strappy number. You could even give her first dibs on the kind of style she wants to wear and then choose a different one for the bridesmaids.

7. Headpiece

Ivory Twin Flower Hair Clip


Another simple way to help your maid of honor stand out is by having her wear a pretty headpiece. This could be something that complements your veil or headpiece, or something that stands out all on its own. 

Looking for the perfect dress for your leading lady or bridal party? Check out our special occasion dress collection where you'll find the best bridesmaid and maid of honor dresses. 

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