7 Wedding Invitations We're Swooning Over

Everyone knows that the wedding actually starts with the invitation. It's kind of like a window that you send through the mail and the receiver opens to get a peek at what she can expect on your big day.

The wedding invitation not only gives your guests the information they need to attend your celebration, but also expresses the wedding theme and vibe through its design. 

That's why it's kind of a big deal to choose an invitation suite that speaks to you and the wedding you're planning.

But with so many stationery shops and invitation designs to choose from, where do you start your search? Right here, of course! We've combed through the piles of pretty paper to find some real treasures. Take a look at these 7 wedding invitations that we're sure you'll swoon over as much as we have.

Simply Stunning 

All Caps Wedding Invitation

If you couldn't care less about the design fluff you see floating around, this wedding invitation is for you. It's simple, but bold, and gets straight to the point. Plus, the receiver won't be grabbing for his glasses to try and read the text. The all caps design is like you're shouting from the rooftop - and you should be - it's your wedding, after all! 

Invitation by Paper Culture 

Dramatic Elegance 

Ophelia Wedding Invitation Suite

This wedding invitation suite is classic elegance with a touch of drama. Calligraphy and flowers hearken back to times when women wore petticoats and carried parasols, but the black and white palette brings the design to modern times and adds a dramatic flair that doesn't go over the top. 

Invitation by Shine  

Water COLOR! 

Colorful Wedding Invitation Suite

Bright and bold is what this colorful wedding invitation suite is serving up. Pretty pink, bold black, orange crush, and a whole rainbow of colors swirl together to create a watercolor look that's worthy of framing. Your guests will have a hard time throwing this mail into the recycling bin.

Invitation by Brown Fox Creative 

Foil Me Once 

Colorful Foil Wedding Invitation

If there was ever a time to say, 'I can't even', it's now. This iridescent silver and rose gold wedding invitation takes foil design to the next level by creating a holographic look. Perfect for a modern fairy tale wedding. Shine on! 

Invitation by CoconuTacha 

Tying the Knot 

Rustic Wedding Invitation

Burlap, twine, and down-to-earth tones come together to create an invitation that expresses rustic beauty to a tee. Textured invitations take stationery to a whole new level by engaging the sense of touch and the twine knot embellishment is a small detail that symbolizes something much bigger - strength in love.

Invitation by Poshest Papers 

Abstract Mood 

Handmade Deckle Edge Wedding Invitation Suite

Love the look of watercolor, but want something a bit more...moody? Then this handmade wedding invitation suite is for you. Created with deckle edge cotton rag, this design almost looks like it washed upon shore after a storm. So you can get that message-in-a-bottle vibe without actually having to cast your invitation into the sea.

Invitation by Fresh Vibe Design 

Herbal Blend 

Herbal Wedding Invitation Suite

Like a cup of hot tea or a pot of simmering seasoning, this herbal wedding invitation suite is a blend of natural goodness. Featuring illustrations of vintage basil, lavender hyssop, rosemary, and thyme, this invitation will suit your botanical wedding theme in a unique way. 

Invitation by Kayleigh DuMond

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