Balancing Life, Work, and Wedding Planning

It's one thing to juggle your work and personal life, but juggling work, personal life, and wedding planning is an entirely different story. 

When you said "Yes!" to the love of your life, you also said yes to the semi part-time job that is wedding planning (but it's way more fun than an actual p.t. job!). So it’s important to keep a nice balance between your actual job, personal life, and planning your dream day

Here are some tips on keeping the peace in your life.

Keep a daily planner.

Organization is key! It sounds boring, but it will save your life during these hectic times. Use different colored pens to color coordinate the things you need to do during the upcoming weeks. For example, red for work, pink for wedding planning, blue for personal things, etc.

Schedule in downtime so as not to get overwhelmed. It can be anything from a dinner date with your fiance to a 10 minute bubble bath.

In the end, writing down your activities and tasks will help you stick to them and keep the balance between work and play.

Leave wedding planning duties at home.

When you’re at work it's best to stay focused on work. I know it’s tempting to scroll through Pinterest for ideas and inspiration, but attending to things outside of work can slow down your productivity, which can ultimately lead to other problems.

Save planning moments for your lunch break, when you get home, and the weekends. Same goes for if you work at home!

Share responsibilities.

Some people are natural leaders and feel like they need to take on and do everything themselves. Even if you don't consider yourself a leader, but like to micro-manage, don’t be that person! It will only lead to frustration and overwhelm.

Remember that your fiance, bridesmaids, and family are there to help you. If you have a big task coming up, like DIY projects, make a fun night or weekend of it by inviting the bridesmaids over for a crafting party.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, reach out to your fiance, get some input, ask for help. Your significant other is your biggest fan, after all.

I hope these tips will help you keep a healthy balance between work, play, and wedding planning. Things may get hectic, but it will all be worth it and you'll have a beautiful memory to look back on. 


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