Bridal Shower Thank You Note Etiquette

Bridal Shower Thank You Note Etiquette

As a bride, you don't have to take a lot of responsibility as far as the bridal shower goes. Typically, your friends and family will plan and host this traditional celebration. But there is one thing you must do besides show up, open presents, and have fun - write a thank you note!

Here are some etiquette tips on how to write a bridal shower thank you note that will truly show your appreciation.

Be prompt! Don't keep putting off writing and sending your thank you notes. The longer you wait, the less you'll remember and guests will start to wonder if you actually enjoy the gifts they gave you. Bridal shower thank you notes should be sent two to three weeks after the shower.

A basic thank you note template includes:

  • addressing the guest
  • expressing gratitude for the specific gift the guest gave
  • thanking her for attending the party

Remember, no duplicating the same message for each guest! And try and be as specific as possible. More specific notes are personal, warm, and tailored to each person.

So instead of writing a generic “Thank you for the gift,” write something like, “Thank you for the amazing blender! I made smoothies for the future Mr. and I this morning."

A Note on Cash Gifts

If you receive a cash gift, there’s no need to state the exact amount in the thank you note - just mention how you might use it. For example, "Thank you so much for the money you gifted me. It will definitely help me stock up on some beautiful linens for the new house."

What if a guest didn't bring a gift?

If a guest attends your bridal shower and does not bring a gift, you still need to write a thank you note. Let her know that you appreciated her attending and you're thankful that she was able to share the special moment with you.

How to Address a Bridal Shower Thank You Note

Address the note to whomever's name was signed on the card that came with the gift. For example, if Meghan signed the card, you would send the thank you to Meghan. But, if Meghan signed the card “Meghan and Joey” you would address and send the note to Meghan and Joey.

Before you mail your thank you notes remember to:

  • Re-check the spelling of guest names and addresses
  • Make sure you’ve matched the right gift with the right guest

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