Cozy Hygge Autumn Wedding Ideas

Cozy Hygge Autumn Wedding Ideas

Have you heard of hygge? It's a Norwegian word that roughly translates to 'cozy.' It's more of an idea, really, a feeling. Olivia Goldhill wrote in her article for Quartz that hygge evokes a sense of intimacy, togetherness, and inner warmth. "A world lit by candles and snuggled under blankets." So dreamy! And so perfect for couples planning an autumn wedding.

We encourage you to take on this mindset while planning your cold-weather wedding. How can you make it more cozy, more intimate? How can you infuse your celebration with hygge? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Rich Fall Color Palette 

What colors come to mind when you think of the word 'cozy'? We recommend rich, bold, and earthy tones: burgundy, berry, gold, amber, cream, sage, brown, green, etc. Play around with the combinations to create anything from rustic cozy to hygge with a touch of luxe.

Cozy autumn wedding color palette

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Cozy Wedding Decor

It's all about comfort and lighting when it comes to decorating a hygge wedding. Think chunky blankets, rugs, pillows, candles (and more candles!), lanterns, twinkling lights, wood logs, leaves, autumn fruit, acorns and pine cones, pumpkins, and wooden tables and chairs. And if your venue has a fireplace, even better!

Cozy autumn wedding decor

Photo via Inside Weddings

SCENTsational Food and Beverages

Fill the air with warm autumn scents that will make guests’ mouths water: cinnamon sticks and vanilla, caramel apples, mini pies, chai tea and coffee, mulled spiced wine, wooden boards stacked with baked brie and rosemary sourdough, roasted vegetables, seasoned chicken, belly-warming beef stew... Are you hungry yet?

Autumn wedding menu ideas

Photo via Inspired by This

Cozy Wedding Favors

Give your wedding guests something cozy to take home so they can get into the hygge spirit. They'll love favors like blankets, jars of honey or homemade jam, mugs of hot chocolate or local coffee brews, vanilla/cinnamon/pumpkin spice soap, candles, hand warmers, flannel cup cozies, and warm-scented potpourri. 

Cozy autumn wedding favors

Photo via Brit + Co

Don't you just love these autumn wedding ideas? And the best part is that you can take this hygge inspiration and incorporate it into your life, as well. After the wedding, use the candles and decor in your home, cook a delicious hot meal, and snuggle with your sweetie under a blanket.

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