Creative Wedding Guestbook Ideas

If you're asking yourself if you really need a guestbook at your wedding, the answer is yes. It may not seem like a big deal to set out a book that people sign because, well, how will that benefit you in the future? Will you even look at it? We can't say for sure, but you're probably less likely to flip through a traditional wedding guestbook that only serves up a bunch of names.

On the other hand, you'll probably love looking through a more creative wedding guestbook that not only reminds you who attended, but houses little love notes and memories from your special day.

If you've already started looking for alternative guestbook ideas you've probably come across Scrabble letters, globes, and puzzle pieces. All of those are fine and good, but how about think even further outside the guestbook box? 

We've gathered some wedding guestbook ideas that are affordable, creative (stylish, even!), and just as much fun for your guests to sign as they are for you to read.

Creative Wedding Guestbook Ideas

custom portrait wedding guestbook

Custom Portrait. How cool would it be to have a portrait of you and your significant other painted and used as a guestbook? This option not only acts as a place to collect sentiments, but as a piece of artwork you can hang in your home. Win-win! (Custom print by The Story of the Fall, $55+)


poster print guestbook

Poster/Wall Print. You can find posters and wall prints just about anywhere. Find one that speaks to the both of you (or two, as seen in the above example), and use it as your wedding guestbook. One with ample white space gives guests plenty of room to scribble messages. Afterward, you can frame your poster 'book' and hang in your home. (Typography posters by kiwiNberries, $7.98)


engagement photos wedding guestbook

Engagement Photo Album. If you had engagement photos taken, consider creating an engagement photo album and using it as your wedding guestbook. It's personal and a great way to display your engagement photos at both your wedding and home. (Photo by Nikk Nguyen Photo)


love poems wedding guestbook

Book of Poems/Literature. If you're a literary couple, peruse through the used book store and find a pretty book of love poems or your favorite novel and use it as your guestbook. Guests can flip through the pages and leave their love notes, which also means you'll have fun finding all the 'secret' messages between the covers. (Antique book via Stomping Grounds Books, $25)


art book wedding guestbook

Book of Art. More of an art lover than a word lover? Or perhaps you adore vintage botany. Whatever the case, a trip to the book store is in order. Visit the fine art and photography section to find books filled with colorful illustrations, classical paintings, and interesting photos. (Vintage botany book via owl and wallflower, $48.72)


metal print wedding guestbook

Metal Print. If you like the artwork idea, but want something a bit more stylish than paper, then a personalized metal print might be for you. Customize it with a photo, text, or both, and have guests fill in the spaces around it. (Metal print by West Metal Studio, $62.55)

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