Current Mood: End of Summer

There is a dreamy aesthetic to the end of summer. September 23 marks the official day that summer turns into fall, but the transition is felt long before then. The sky turns golden in the afternoons and the pace slows, one last time, before everyone is back into everyday life mode.

Yes, the end of summer is like a deep sigh, a Sunday. It beckons us to gather with friends in our own backyards, to drink good wine, to gather the flowers before they're gone. 

This mood, this hazy, dreamy, hopeful endless summer mood is what's inspiring our inspiration board today. Use it to fuel your own summer wedding dreams and get togethers.

Check out our end of summer wedding ideas and inspiration board, then take a look at our list of 15 ways you can relish the last days of blue skies and sunshine.

End of Summer Wedding Ideas and Inspiration

Top Left: 100 Layer Cake | Bottom Left: Organza Lace Wedding Dress with Cap Sleeves | Middle: Town & Country Mag | Top Right: Camille Styles | Middle Right: Style Me Pretty | Bottom Right: Ooh Pretty Shiny 

15 Ways to Relish the Last Days of Summer

Place a vase of summer flowers in your home.

Dry the fallen petals to use in a summer scrapbook or press them to use in handmade cards.

Throw a backyard wine and cheese party for friends.

Adorn your kitchen table with lace.

Wear a little white dress.

Finish that book that's been on your bedside table.

Buy a journal and write down all of your favorite summer moments.

Take one last dip in the pool.

Enjoy a Frose (frozen rose slushy).

Unplug. Go outside.

Have a picnic.

Watch the sun rise and set.

Pick one project from your Pinterest boards and do it!

Go one whole day without complaining about the heat.

Make an end-of-summer playlist and dance to it while cooking dinner.

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