Hot Summer Tablescapes for the Coolest Wedding

Summer is so many things to so many people, but one thing I think we can all agree on is that it's hot. But just because it's hot outside doesn't mean you can't have the coolest wedding decor. 

Whether you'll have your celebration outside, inside, or a combination of both, we have some hot (as in awesome) tablescape ideas for your summer wedding.


Greenery Wedding Table

Photo by Leighanne Herr via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Summer is the perfect time to incorporate Pantone's color of the year. Greenery is fresh, zesty, and symbolic of new beginnings. It's a yellow-green shade that evokes the lushness of the great outdoors and the refreshing beauty of the natural world. 

With Greenery as your inspiration you can fill your tables with actual green foliage. Wrap your tables in green garlands, place a small sprig on each napkin or plate, fill white boxes with moss balls and green stalks, have greenery and roses trailing over the table runner and down the sides of the table, and have your seating cards and menus printed in the green shade. The possibilities are as endless as nature itself. 

Bright Colors

Bright Color Tablescape

Photo by Kate Robinson via Ruffled

If you're more 80's neon than 70's boho, a bright and bold color scheme might be more your bag. Turquoise, tangerine, fuchsia, lemon, lime, purple, pink, coral...every power-packed color you can think of can be incorporated into your table decor in a way that doesn't scream Jackson Pollock painting (unless that's what you're going for, of course). 

Pair pink blooms with turquoise vases, drape colorful ribbon off of chairs or use as a table runner, fill gold vases or white boxes with colorful floral arrangements (the contrast is stunning), intersperse baskets holding colorful fruits, have a birdcage bursting with flowers, or use watercolor to tone down the bold style, but still get a colorful effect. 


Natural Wedding Tablescape

Photo by Jess Hunter via Green Wedding Shoes

We've already talked a little bit about incorporating natural elements with the Greenery theme, but you can take it one step further by bringing in things like wooden plates, tropical leaf place mats and table numbers, chunks of wood, flowers and fruit, driftwood and seashells. You could also use a natural wood table and minimal decorations for an uncluttered feel.

Playful and Cheery 

Playful Wedding Tablescape

Photo by Anna Reynal via Capitol Romance

Summer is about fun, so use a playful and cheery theme to bring back those summer vacation days and lazy weekends spent in the park or by the water's edge.

Use playful prints like stripes, polka dots, and gingham. Use sub-themes to guide your table decor, like picnics, a retro ice cream shop, or beach days. Whimsical decor that works well for a summer wedding might include balloons, pink pineapples, colorful patterned tablecloths, mixed prints, floating candles, and flowers like sunflowers, daisies, peonies, and dahlias.

If you want to keep it low-key, consider a classic blue and white gingham theme. 


Laid-back Wedding Tablescape

Photo via Caribou Club

Even if most of us have to work during the summer, the season still holds that laid-back, slow and steady feeling. The days are long, the sun is bright, and the possibilities are endless.

To re-create that simple summer style, use a laid-back and unkempt decor theme. Think wildflowers, candles, and lace or burlap table runners/cloth. Mismatched and undone creates a casual mood and will give your guests permission to just relax. 


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