How to be Your Best Bride Self in Five Easy Steps

Self-care, self-love, sensual selfies, self, self, self! It may seem like you're bombarded with these lifestyle phrases that come packaged in blog posts and articles. Take a soothing bath, eat properly, start a skin care routine, get your yoga vibe on, etc., etc. All of these things are great ideas and we think they are useful enough to put on your to-do list (especially when you're wedding planning #LessStress), but let's go a little deeper.

When you're a bride-to-be and doing all the things (working, loving, playing, planning) it can be difficult to focus and let the pressures of everyday life roll off your shoulders.

Instead of lugging around those heavy bags, practice being your best bride self with these few simple tips. We're not saying life will be as smooth as an iced cappuccino, but it will certainly be easier to handle, which means less chances of your inner bridezilla getting out of her cage.

1. Focus on the important stuff. That is to say, don't overthink things, second guess yourself, or focus too much on specifics like wearing a certain dress size by such and such date. All that stuff turns your mind into a cluttered attic. Instead, focus on eating right, getting a good night's sleep, and feeling good. 

2. Practice kindness. Don't think for a second that self-care is selfish. After all, how can you care for others if you treat yourself like an old rag? But here's the thing - offering kindness to others is also a kind gesture to yourself.

Do one good deed a day, even if it's as small as looking up when you're walking and smiling at a stranger. Something that seems so insignificant to you, may mean the world to the other person. 

3. Ask for help. How can you be your best bride self when you're bogged down with wedding planning tasks? Trying to take on the world (your wedding can feel like the world at times, amiright?) will only lead to burnout.

You have a bridal party for a reason. They are there to help with any wedding-related things you need. So reach out! Take a load off. Delegate and ask for help when you need it.

4. Listen to your fiance. Your S.O. may not have a lot to say about planning the wedding ("Whatever makes you happy, babe!"), but when and if he speaks up, please listen. It's a respect thing, even if you think his idea is...well...not so good. Listen first, then speak. Strong relationships are built on communication and that includes the listening side of things.

5. Speak kindly to yourself. Think about the things you say to yourself on the reg. They're probably quite critical and not things you would say to others. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies, but it's time to put up the big, red stop sign.

When you're feeling down/stressed/overwhelmed/tired, think about what you would say to a friend or your fiance feeling the same way. You probably wouldn't say things like, "Stop being lazy," or "You're never going to get anything accomplished, you bum."

If you wouldn't say it to your loved one, you shouldn't say it to yourself! Practice speaking words of encouragement and kindness to the person who is always by your!

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