How to Get Past People's Opinions of Your Wedding Dress

If you've been engaged for any length of time you've probably already experienced the onslaught of friends' and family's opinions on everything wedding related. They offer their opinions with the best of intentions (probably), but sometimes it can really get a gal down. Especially when they offer their two cents on the wedding gown you've chosen or are thinking of choosing. 

Maybe you've gone gown shopping with your entourage or have shown them a photo of your dream dress, but they don't like it or think you look better in a different style dress. It kind of makes you second guess what you want and the decisions you've made. It might even bring you down enough that you don't even want to wedding dress shop anymore.

If you're feeling any of this, here's what you need to know:

You're the one who has to wear the dress. If Mom and your maid of honor think you look gorgeous in a mermaid wedding gown, but you don't feel comfortable walking in that style, find the style you do feel comfortable in! You're the one who has to wear the gown all day, post for pictures, dance in it, etc. You'll want to be comfortable and feel beautiful.

Trust your hut (heart + gut). If you have it narrowed down to two dresses and you like choice A, but everyone else likes choice B (and you kind of like it too), listen to your hut. Maybe choice A feels more like you or it has the look you're going for. Then again, maybe choice B feels great to walk in. Whatever the case, your heart/gut knows. Listen to it!

Stop asking for opinions. Get the dress you want and feel confident in your decision. Tell people, "I found my dream dress and I couldn't be happier!" End of story. You don't want to wear the dress everyone else loved and then have regrets. It's your day, your dress. 

Opinions are just opinions. If you do want outside opinions, know that they are just that and you can either take them or leave them. The truth is, once you're walking down the aisle, people won't even think about the advice they gave you. They'll see your smiling face and how beautiful you look and that's all that will matter.

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