How to Stay Comfortable on Your Wedding Day (without sacrificing beauty)

Most people would say comfort and beauty don't belong in the same sentence. Images of Saturdays in sweat pants and messy top knots might come to mind. But I say comfort and beauty can be mutually exclusive...even on your wedding day!

Here are some tips on how to stay comfortable while still looking gorgeous on your big day.

The Right (under) Stuff

Wedding Undergarments

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Let's start with something that seems like common sense, but generally isn't when it comes to brides. Underwear. It seems that most brides want to wear all kinds of frilly, sexy things, but doing so can cause wedding dress malfunctions. Picture your floral, lacy underwear causing lumps and lines through your dress! Even worse, patterned panties that show right through.

Opt for something safe and comfortable instead. A nude, seamless pair of underwear is the ideal choice. You won't constantly be checking for lumps, lines, or wondering what your bum looks like in the sunshine. Classic nude + seamless = stress-free, worry-free!

K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, sweetie)

Wedding Day Makeup Look

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Your makeup, that is. Going simple doesn't necessarily mean you can't rock a dramatic look - it just means you or your makeup artist shouldn't cake product on, especially during the warmer months. Streaky and melting won't be a good look in your wedding photos. 

For a blushing bride look all you really need is to add a little oomph to your usual makeup routine. Think rosy cheeks, enhanced eyes, and a pretty pink or coral lip. 

No-scare Hair

Wedding Day Hair

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With so many bridal hairstyles, making a decision on which one is best for you might seem like a scary task. No worries, darling! Just like with your makeup, think simple. Start with your go-to, everyday hairstyle and expand on that look. 

You should also keep the weather in mind when deciding on a look. An updo is perfect for a windy and/or hot day; you won't have to worry about pushing your hair out of your face or wiping sweat from the back of your neck. 

On the flip side, a down hairstyle will be most comfortable on a cooler/calm weather day. 

Can't decide which? Compromise with a half up/half down look. 

Shoes Made for Walking

Wedding Day Shoes

Photo by tariq257

Think about your venue when deciding which shoes you'll walk the aisle in. Stilettos probably aren't the best choice for a beach wedding. 

Try on different pairs and stand/walk around in them for several minutes to see how you hold up. Are they comfortable standing and walking in? If not, find a pair that does or consider switching shoes between the ceremony and reception. It doesn't hurt to also have a pair of dancing shoes ready! 

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