Top 10 "Day Of" Wedding Tips

No doubt there are a lot of wedding planning tips and tricks to pour over, but there is also some great advice from real brides on how to approach the big day. These are the ladies who've been there, done that, and can now pass on their knowledge to those who are anticipating one of the biggest moments of their lives.

We've dug through the treasure trove of "day of" wedding tips and put together this collection of 10 gems. 

1. Pull your partner aside throughout the day. Take a moment to breathe (together!), to take it all in. Everyone says, "It will go by so fast!" And it's true. Soak in the moments.

2. Allow for wiggle room and extra time in your wedding day schedule. Things might take longer than you think.

3. Spend that extra bit of money to have the venue/vendors help with set up and tear down. Otherwise, the burden will be put on your family, friends, and possibly you.

4. Allow yourself to be pampered and fussed over. And accept help.

5. Don't sweat the small stuff. Let the little things roll off your shoulders. Go with the flow.

6. Don't drink too much champagne while you're getting ready, but do drink plenty of water throughout the day, and especially before you get to the altar. Haven't you seen those fainting videos?

7. Remember to eat, even if it's just some snacks here and there. You could even schedule to have breakfast with your bridal party before getting ready. It'll give you time to chill before the rush of wedding activities.

8. Pee before you put on your dress.

9. Spend time with guests who traveled the furthest. 

10. Don't let the details of the day clutter your mind. Now is your time to celebrate. Enjoy every minute of it. 

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