The Best Small Wedding Ideas for a Sweet and Simple Celebration

The Best Small Wedding Ideas for a Sweet and Simple Celebration

With the rise of millennial couples planning weddings that infuse lots of personal details and mix and match traditions and trends, the small/intimate wedding is a popular choice. Not only is it much easier to plan a wedding that's smaller in size, it's often more affordable - and we can all use a bit more cash (save those bucks for the honeymoon!). 

An intimate wedding also offers couples the opportunity to get creative with details (more time, energy, and $$ to put towards personalization) and celebrate with only the nearest and dearest friends and family (way easier to engage with everyone during the reception). 

The best part about a small wedding is that it becomes more of a celebration and less of a production. So many couples feel like they have to impress their guests with lavish decor, food, and entertainment. The actual reason for the wedding gets lost in questions like, 'How will this look on Instagram?'

An intimate wedding allows couples to forget the hype and focus on the love, the gathering, and the beauty of a party meant just for them.

Small and Intimate Wedding Ideas

Whatever your budget, you can create a charming, personalized day for you and your guests. Here are some of our favorite fun and unique intimate wedding ideas.

Hire a food truck to cater your wedding. With so many amazing chefs creating mouthwatering menus that come straight out of a truck, there's no reason not to consider this option. You could even consult with your favorite food truck owner on creating a specialty menu for your reception.

Let your photographer work her magic and capture moments (like a group photo including all of your guests) that aren't possible with a large wedding.

Create an incredible memory by hosting your wedding at an unexpected venue. Depending on your guest list size, venues might include art galleries, a local brewery, natural areas like forests, a rooftop, botanical garden, aquarium, glamping area, etc.

Be your own DJ by creating a reception playlist that includes your guests' favorite songs. Include a line on your RSVP card that gives guests the option to write down their wedding song request.

Just like your wedding, your entertainment can pack a punch in a petite way. Think mariachi bands, jazz groups, live painters, expert wine tasters, fire eaters, tarot card readers...the possibilities! Just keep your crowd in mind and think about what they'll enjoy.

Create a lounge area where guests can relax after dinner. Not everyone will want to dance, after all.

Leave a personalized note at each guests' seat along with a small token of gratitude: a mini bouquet or plant, box of chocolates, mug with local coffee roast, etc.

Depending on your guest list size, you might consider using family items like silverware, tea sets, and linens.

Your small wedding can be as imaginative, classical, or whimsical as you want it to be. It's your celebration and those you cherish most will be there with you to clink champagne glasses and enjoy the beauty of an intimate affair.

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