Tips for Fall and Winter Weddings

Each season brings with it benefits and drawbacks, and if you're planning a celebration, like a wedding, it's important to keep in mind both the positive and negative aspects of the time of year. 

Like the warmer-weather months, the "ber" months (October - December) offer a lovely backdrop for weddings, but they come with their own situations to think about. Whereas you might have to figure out how to keep the mosquitoes off of your guests in summer, you'll need to think about how to keep your guests warm in fall and winter. 

You might also need to think about inclement weather such as rain and snow and the best times to utilize the sunshine (sunsets come much quicker in winter, after all). 

Keep reading for tips on how to get the most out of your fall or winter wedding while keeping everyone happy and warm.

1. During the cooler-weather months, and especially in winter, the flowers you've had your eyes on might be out of season, which can mean higher prices. To satisfy your budget, consider what is in season or use other natural elements, like pine cones and winter greenery, to enhance your wedding decor. You could also look at silk flower options if you really want something out of season, but don't want to pay higher prices.

2. The sun sets early in the fall and winter so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to walk the aisle (especially if you're having an outdoor ceremony). Your photographer will also be counting on good lighting, so you'll want to talk timing with her to ensure you get the best shots.

3. Stay warm by wearing a long sleeve wedding dress or wrapping yourself in a shrug, cloak, or bolero.

4. If you're having an outdoor fall or winter wedding, keep guests warm by setting up portable heaters. You can ask your venue, event planner, or rental company their suggestions and get a list of options. You can also provide blankets and shrugs to guests that they can either use for the ceremony/reception or take home as a favor.

5. Fall and winter weddings call for warm and toasty eats and drinks. Think hot chocolate, coffee cocktails, apple cider, and s'mores. You could even set up a "warm up" station where guests can gather round for cozy conversations and delectable goodies.

6. And speaking of, fall and winter are the perfect times to create a cozy atmosphere. Deck out your venue space with warm lighting like Christmas lights and candles. Bonus if your venue has a fireplace. 

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