7 Tips to Help You Pick a Wedding Venue and Theme

If you're in the throes of wedding venue shopping, you may have come up against a common problem: overwhelm. You've come across so many beautiful options and you can see yourself saying "I do" in all of them. But the issue is that they all have a different vibe and theme. The garden is whimsical, the vineyard is rustic, the hotel is chic.

This leads to questions like: Which one do we like the most? Which theme represents us the best? 

And maybe the most important question is how do you choose between so many amazing options?

Here are some tips to help you make that important decision and choose the wedding venue and theme that suits you the best.

Tip #1: You don't have to pick a theme. If you're leaning more toward the vineyard, but don't really want a rustic theme, you don't have to go that route. Feel free to mix and match what you love or go with a general "wedding" theme, which allows the venue space to shine. 

Tip #2: Think about the logistics. If you can't decide based on aesthetics, turn to logistics. Ask practical questions like:

  • Which one is more accessible (for you and your guests)?
  • Which one is more comfortable?
  • Which one is better for your budget?

Tip #3: Consider the surroundings. If a public place, like a park, is on your list of potential venues, consider the whole public part of the equation. Are you comfortable with random onlookers? Will you need to clean up the area the day before? Can you rent part of the park?

Tip #4: Are there any rules and can you live with them? For example, if candles are a must have, but one of the venues doesn't allow them, you can go ahead and check that place off the list.

Tip #5: Which is more photogenic? If wedding photos are important to you, you might want to consider which venue will give you better photo ops. Also, if you're on a tight schedule, will the venue allow time for all the photos you want?

Tip #6: Get the timing right. Let's say the vineyard you're crushing on is only able to give you five hours? Is that enough time for a ceremony, dinner, reception, dancing, etc? If not, and those elements are important to you, then you can move on to the next venue choice.

Tip #7: Think vibe instead of theme. Instead of trying to nail down a specific theme to fit your venue or vice versa, think about expressing a vibe/mood/feel: fun and energetic, classic elegance, casual and cute. 

We hope these tips have helped you get a clearer vision for your wedding venue and theme. Feel free to share this advice with other brides and grooms!

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