Tying the Knot: 5 Ways to Fill Your Wedding with the Symbol of Love

There's no symbol of marriage more classic than the knot. And all it takes is two loose ends brought together to create a strong and binding whole. 

For your wedding day, consider including the knot to show just how strong your love is. Here are some easy, but chic ways to fill your day with this built-to-last symbol.

Invitations and Programs

Tying the Knot Wedding Invitation

Photo via Brit + Co

Set the mood and give guests a preview of what's to come - a love everlasting and one that is as strong as a figure eight knot. Just as the eight (or infinity) creates a never ending loop, so does your love for each other.

Consider inserting a knot like the figure eight into your wedding invitations or your ceremony programs, along with a quote like, "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." -Ecclesiastes 4:12

Or a poem: 

Upon this day, our hands we bind,

a symbol of our hearts entwined.

To witness this, we ask of thee,

our union forever blessed be. (author unknown)


Handfasting Ceremony

Photo by Harper Parker via Philly in Love

You might also consider a handfasting ceremony, which is one of the oldest known marriage unity rituals. In this kind of ceremony, the officiant recites a poem or prayer, like the one above, while wrapping the bride and groom's hands together with ribbon. This acts as a visual representation of the couple's lifelong bond.  


Pink Bouquet

Wrap the bridal bouquet in a thick fabric like velvet, then interlace two ropes in coordinating colors with the true lover's knot. 

For the bridesmaids' bouquets, secure a velvet ribbon (or whatever fabric you used for the bridal bouquet) with a slipknot. 

The groom can don a figure eight knot of cord and the groomsmen can adorn their lapels with little knotted cords in a complimentary color to the groom's. 

Wedding Dress and Jewelry

Strapless Organza Ruffle Mermaid Wedding Dress

Your dress might be one of the most obvious places to display the tie that binds. Just use your sash to create a bow in the front, back, or side of your gown. 

You can also wear subtly knotted accessories like a cuff bracelet with bows on either side or a hair pin with a loop design. 

Table Details 

Wedding Table Chair Bow Sash

You can include all kinds of knots in your table settings, including knotted sashes over the chairs, simple paper escort cards tied in a knot, and ribbon wrapped in bows around candle holders, bottles, and vases. 

And don't forget the food and drink fare. Use knotted swizzle sticks to accent your signature cocktail and serve up something with a twist like a swirly cardamom bun or bread twist. 

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