Ways to Make Your Wedding Instantly Luxe (without the price tag)

The average wedding cost in the U.S. is around $34,000, and although that isn't anywhere near a royal-style wedding budget (if budget is even a concern in that context), $34K is still a big chunk of change for most people. 

But here's the thing, even if your budget is far below $34,000, you can still add a luxurious touch to your wedding details. Low budget doesn't have to mean "charming" and "rustic," and it certainly doesn't mean you have to DIY all the things. In fact, sometimes DIY can cost more than just purchasing an item.

If you want a more posh than prudent wedding celebration, here are various ways you can add a bit of luxury to your wedding without the hefty price tag.


One of the first things a couple should do when planning their wedding is think about the mood they want to set and any relevant themes and colors. 

Ways to Make Your Wedding Instantly Luxe

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To set a regal, plush, and luxurious mood, start with the invitations. Using your invites to express the theme you're going for is an easy way to prepare guests for the celebration that awaits them. 

Monograms, handwritten scripts, metallic foil, cream, white, gold, and laser-cut details are all things to add to your invitations to give them a luxurious feel. Even the type of paper you use can make an otherwise average invitation extravagant. 


Just as the invitation sets the mood before the wedding, the decorations you use will set the mood on your actual wedding day. 

Ways to Make Your Wedding Instantly Luxe

You don't have to splurge on chandeliers and gold-plated dinnerware to create a luxurious experience. Instead, focus on the details: flickering candles in gold-colored vases, flowers placed in empty perfume bottles, floating candle centerpieces, lights strung across the ceiling, draped chairs, clear sequined cloth, etc. 

The decorations will not only set the mood, but they'll create an experience for your guests. You can heighten that experience by infusing luxurious details into sights, sounds, smells, and touch. 


Start the evening with visually pleasing hor d'oeuvres (can be as simple as a cracker with colorful toppings), and follow with a dinner menu that is as eye catching as it is delicious. Creatively presented items, no matter how affordable, will always give a luxe impression.

Ways to Make Your Wedding Instantly Luxe

For an affordable alternative to steak and lobster, think Asian, Indian, Mexican, and Greek cuisines, as they are just as tasty and inexpensive to create.


Extend the luxury feel of your wedding by sending guests home with favors they won't want to leave behind. 

Ways to Make Your Wedding Instantly Luxe

Think artisan chocolates or boxes of colorful macarons, mini bottles of champagne, jars of lavender sugar, clean-burning candles, herbal soap, seasonal goods (a pair of mittens for winter, potted plant for spring, etc.), beautifully wrapped local coffee or packets of tea, etc.

A little research and online shopping will guide you to gifts that have that luxe look without the luxe price tag.

As you can see, a luxurious wedding doesn't have to be filled with expensive details - it's all about the unique, the personal, and the experience. And those are things every wedding budget can handle!

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