Wedding Trends That Will Make Your Guests Swoon

Most weddings start and end the same way. You've probably been to a few yourself, and aside from a few personalized details (monogrammed napkins come to mind?), they probably looked and felt the same.

As an ieie bride, you probably want something different. A wedding that combines classic and trendy. A wedding that is engaging, unique, and personal. Your wedding will be an expression of you and your significant other's personalities and it will delight your guests as much as it will you.

We've found some awesome wedding and event trends that we think you and your guests will enjoy. Just remember - trends should be used as a starting point. If one of these ideas strikes your fancy, take it and make it your own. You'll be sure to have a wedding that people will remember. 

Over-the-top Flowers 

Over-the-top Flower Installations

Photo by teamlab via designboom

Flowers are always a huge part of wedding celebrations, but let's think beyond the bouquets. OTT flower installations make for stunning decor. Set up a flower wall (even faux flowers will look beautiful and are much more affordable) or hang flowers from the ceiling/drape them from chandeliers.

For a spring wedding, place open umbrellas around the venue and fill them with fresh or faux flowers in your wedding color palette.

For a summer wedding you might want to fill buckets or basins with water and floating flowers and tea lights.

For an autumn wedding think pumpkins and cornucopias overflowing with flowers.

A winter wedding would look lovely decorated with white and blue flowers "falling" from the ceiling like snowflakes.

Engaging Activities 

Live Illustrations

Photo by Chris Costello via Biz Bash

We're not just talking live bands here. To truly wow your guests and get them engaged in the celebration set up entertainment that includes performers (hoop dancers, fire eaters, belly dancers, etc.), live paintings (custom illustrations for guests), and tasting/mixing stations.

Games to get Guests Mingling 

Garden Croquet

Photo by Circular Ink via Polka Dot Bride

During cocktail hour, have lawn games set up like corn hole, life-size Jenga, and croquet to help your guests have fun while they mingle. 

Dessert Tables Fit for Marie Antoinette 

Dessert Tables fit for Marie Antoinette

Photo via The New York Times

Remember the Marie Antoinette movie by Sofia Coppola and the scene where Marie sits around in a dazy haze surrounded by the most delicious looking desserts? If you haven't seen this movie, please go watch it now. You'll be bombarded with eye candy!

Take a cue from Ms. Marie and set up a wedding dessert table that your guests won't be able to stop swooning over. Fill it with all kinds of gorgeous goodies and place a sign on the table that says, "For one night, don't worry about your waistline." 

Interactive Guest Books

Interactive Wedding Guest Book

Photo via Emmaline Bride

Another way to get your guests engaged is by setting up a guest book that allows them to go beyond just signing their names. You can create interactive guest books with pages that ask questions like, "What's your best marriage advice?" and "Where will we be in 10 years?" These kinds of books are way more fun for guests to sign and they'll be much more entertaining to read when you take them home.

Food Trucks 

Wedding Food Trucks

Photo via Food Truck Finder USA

Treat guests who stick around with some delicious food truck fare. Tacos, hamburgers, and other finger foods served out of a truck make for great midnight snacks and will fuel your guests for more dancing. 

Photo Backdrops 

Wedding Photo Backdrop

Photo by The Feather Edge

These days, selfies are a part of everyday life, and you know you'll see plenty of guests snapping away. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em and create a backdrop for them to use during their selfie sessions.



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