What's In and Out for Summer Weddings

When you flip through bridal magazines and read blog posts, you're sure to see articles that highlight what tickles people's fancy in every season. And when it comes to weddings, there is always some hot new detail/decoration/theme idea that comes and goes within a 12 month time frame.  That's what a trend is after all. But to be fair, many wedding trends stick around for years (i.e.: lace dresses, boho vibes, vintage flair, etc.). So today we're focusing on those trends - the ones that are giving the boot to some old favorites and placing their glitter-dipped stake into the proverbial wedding cake. And maybe not just for summer 2018, but for many seasons to come!

Out: Doughnut Walls

In: Carb Boards

Olive Garden Breadstick Board

Photo via The Knot

We're not saying a doughnut wall is a bad idea; I mean, who doesn't love doughnuts? But some couples are taking it up a notch by replacing the doughnuts with other much-loved carbs. Think bread stick boards and bagel walls (and a table for cream cheese!). You could even trade out the doughnuts for doughnut holes if you dig the sweet scene. 

Out: Veils

In: Capes

Bridal Cape

Photo via One Fab Day

Again, we're not saying the traditional wedding veil is absolutely out. It's classic, well-loved, traditional! Brides still love them, but they're also loving bridal capes. From whimsical and gossamer to floor length winter cloaks, brides are saying "I do" to this bridal accessory.

Out: Floral Centerpieces

In: Floral Walls

Floral Wedding Wall Backdrop

Photo by O'Malley Photographers

It's true that most couples will opt for floral centerpieces, but the taste makers are nipping that in the bud and displaying their flowers on the walls. This is a great alternative if you're keeping a tight budget or want to create a beautiful backdrop for photos. And you don't have to stop at flowers. In the summer, for instance, you could fill a wall with flowers and tropical plants. One of the best parts about this kind of wall is that guests will get a whiff of the intoxicating scent as they pass by. 

Out: Chalkboard Signs

In: Neon Signs

Neon Wedding Sign

Photo by Olguin Photography via Junebug Weddings

Chalkboard, shmalkboard. Neon signs are lighting up summer weddings. Whether it's a customized sign or one that you purchase as is, it will create an electric vibe when used as a backdrop, welcome sign, or even as decor. Plus, once the wedding is over, you might actually want to take it home and use it as personal decoration. 

Out: Signature Cocktails

In: DIY Cocktails

DIY Cocktail Bar

Photo by Lisa Rigby Photography via Carats & Confetti

Signature cocktails have been a go-to for quite some time, but we say give that old trend a shake and a stir with a DIY cocktail bar. Guests can create their own signature drinks with a variety of mixers or get help from a hired pro who can offer up suggestions and inspiration. 

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