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Whimsical Wedding Ideas

Whimsical, whimsy, fun! The whimsical theme is all about playful, and sometimes unexpected details, bright colors, fantastical elements, and light-hearted planning. It's a little bit mischievous and a whole lot of fun. You don't have to think too much about matching items and color coordination. You just get back to your wild child ways and play!

If you want to add some whimsy to your wedding, here are a few ideas to get you headed in the right direction (if there is such thing - it's whimsical after all!). 


Whimsical Wedding Ideas 

Whimsical Wedding Bouquet: Fill your bridal bouquet with colorful flowers and interesting greenery. The different textures and colors will give the arrangement a whimsical pop. If you want to take the whimsy up a notch, give the bridal party pinwheels, poms, or ribbon poles to hold instead of the traditional flower bouquet. 

Whimsical Wedding Favors: A dream catcher serves as not only a nightmare snatcher, but a decorative focal point for any home. Hang a variety of dream catchers at your wedding and let guests choose their favorite to take home. 

Whimsical Wedding Dress: When searching for a whimsical wedding dress, look for fairy tale details, floral lace, and light-as-air tulle. The champagne color, lace bodice, and ribbon train of the Sierra gown make it a whimsical dream.

Whimsical Wedding Decor: It's all about the unexpected when it comes to whimsical wedding decorations, like these light bulbs filled with fresh flowers. You could also tie ribbons to chairs and clusters of balloons to different areas, set up a floral swing for guest photos, decorate a wall with paper poms, and serve lollipops, macarons, and candy-filled marshmallows at a colorful candy station.

Whimsical Wedding Cake: A whimsical cake should be playful and full of surprises. The butterscotch drips, flowers, and interesting natural elements give this wedding cake loads of texture. 

Photo Credits: 

Bouquet by Samantha Laffoon via Glamour and Grace | Dream Catchers by Bruce Weber via Glamour | Dress by ieie Bridal | Flower Lightbulbs via The Big Fat Indian Wedding | Cake by Becka Pillmore via Ruffled

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