Winter Wedding Inspiration

It’s quite the norm to have a wedding during the more temperate seasons of spring and fall, but  the couple who chooses to host their wedding during the “darker” months of December, January, and February is in for a treat.

First of all, just because the winter days are darker doesn’t mean the season isn’t full of light. It’s a time of festivity and holidays, twinkling lights and the bright white light of falling snow. Sure, it’s cold, but don’t let that steer you away from a winter wedding. Besides having an air of glamour to it (think a silver and gold palette), winter weddings are typically less expensive because people don’t tend to book weddings during those months.

Winter weddings have got their own thing going on and can shine brighter than any wedding set in the month of May. Here are some winter wedding ideas to inspire you.


Winter Wedding Colors


Just like orange and black seem to be October’s signature colors, red and green come together to form the holiday season palette. Done in the right amount (less is more in this case), the red and green color scheme can work beautifully. Spots of red berries and lush greenery will pop against a mostly white backdrop or even a more rustic palette of woody browns and forest greens will look nice with red flowers and other natural elements like pinecones. For a luxe look, consider adding gold to your color palette or silver, crystal, and white to set a winter glam tone.


Winter Wedding Candles


There’s no better time to lighten the mood of cold, dark days than at your wedding. Lighting can be used to create a cozy, warm atmosphere or a winter wonderland. Clusters of candles are perfect for cozy weddings, whereas hanging crystals and candelabras express elegance and grandiosity. You can use the icy outdoors as inspiration in your lighting as well, with ice-carved vases and frosted glass. If any part of your wedding will be outside, consider hanging lights from the trees for a magical glow and give your guests sparklers to send you off with.


Winter Wedding Drink


A hot mug of chocolate is always nice during the winter months. Set up a hot chocolate, coffee, or apple cider bar (or all three!) for your guests to enjoy, as well as a signature winter wedding cocktail like the Pom Holiday Sparkler or Very Merry Mulled Wine.


Winter Wedding Favors


Send your guests home satisfied with winter-worthy treats like packages of hot chocolate and churros, tea bags with infusers, local coffee brews,chocolate-covered cranberries, roasted chestnuts, s’mores kits, candles (cinnamon, pine, vanilla), or scented pinecones.


Illusion Lace Princess Ball Gown


Did you see our post on long-sleeve wedding dresses? Brides of all seasons are jumping on the sleeve bandwagon and loving it. Winter is especially perfect for these beautiful dresses, but there’s a whole range of gown options at your fingertips. Depending on your venue, you might choose a vintage lace dress with long sleeves, a sparkling satin mermaid dress, or a cozy cotton gown perfect for an intimate church wedding. The groom can incorporate the season by wearing a boutonniere made of winter flowers, berries, greenery, and/or pinecones.


Winter Wedding Decorations


The sky’s the limit when it comes to winter wedding decorations - just look to nature for inspiration. Think bare branches, wreaths, glittering gold vases, symbols of the season (pine trees, snowflakes, mistletoe, etc.), seasonal fruits and flowers, color-dipped pinecones, crystals, sparkling stars, mirrors (to reflect light), and faux snow.

What do you think? Doesn’t a winter wedding sound magical?

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