5 Winter Bachelorette Party Ideas

5 Winter Bachelorette Party Ideas

As a winter bride or friend/family of a winter bride, you might be thinking, What kind of bachelorette party can I plan during such a cold time of year? And while it might seem like summer and spring are the best times to party (especially when it comes to outside activities), the colder months offer unique opportunities that the warmer months just can't give brides-to-be. 

First of all, winter can be such a magical time of year, and I'm not just talking about the holiday season. Winter gives us snow, snuggling under blankets, fireside chats, and peppermint hot chocolate. 

So if you're planning a bachelorette party during the coldest time of year, count yourself lucky, and keep reading for some winter bachelorette party ideas you and your guests will enjoy more than that first cup of coffee on a cold morning.

1. Sweat it Out 

Winter Bachelorette Party Idea: Flying Yoga Class

Photo by Kayleigh Shanahan via Local Toronto City Blog

What better way to warm up than by pumping up your cardio? You could hit the clubs and get your dance on, but why bother with a crowded and noisy atmosphere when you can get the same cardio benefits at a dance class or yoga sesh? Do a little research on what your local gyms and studios offer and see if there is a class everyone would enjoy. 

2. Ice Skating 

Winter Bachelorette Party Idea: Ice Skating

Photo via Standard

If your area has an ice skating rink, invite the ladies to lace up their skates and twirl (or baby step) across the ice. You could even wear matching t-shirts or accessories to get into the bachelorette vibe. Afterward, head to the bride's favorite coffee shop and sip on a much-needed warm beverage.

3. Rent a Cabin 

Winter Bachelorette Party in a Cabin

Photo by The Pinwheel Collective via Bespoke Bride

Whether it's an overnight party or day trip kind of celebration, consider renting a cabin in your local park or forest area. Build a fire, roast marshmallows, take photos, play board or card games, mix cocktails, go for a hike, put on some tunes and dance, you get the idea! 

4. Host a Cozy Dinner 

Winter Bachelorette Party Idea: Cozy Dinner at Home

Photo by Marianne Lucille via Kate Aspen

If you want to keep the party close to home, invite guests over for a homecooked meal or set up a grazing table complete with wine, cheese, and fresh-out-of-the-oven bread. Set the table, light the fire (or put on the Netflix fireplace channel!), and relish in good food and great conversation with friends. 

5. Set the Theme 

Themed Bachelorette Party for Winter

Photo by Alchemy Creative via Hourglass Denver

A themed bachelorette party gives you a solid starting point to help you plan the rest of the party details. Some theme ideas: pajama, plaid, glitz and glamour, snow bunny, etc. From there, you can decide on which venues and activities best suit the theme and build upon it. 

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