How to Create a Stylish Grazing Table


Move over backyard potlucks and cutting boards piled with meat and cheese. Those things are great for gatherings, but grazing tables promise to be even more amazing. They're kind of like potlucks in that there is a variety of food to choose from, but they're way more creative, fun, and interactive. In fact, they're like works of art that guests can nibble and nosh.

So what is a grazing table exactly? It's generally a table covered with a smorgasbord of delicious food that's styled in a pleasing way. Grazing tables give guests the opportunity to pick and choose from an aesthetically beautiful platter of goodies.

But it's not as easy as just placing meat, cheese, and fruit on the table, willy nilly. To create a stylish grazing table, one your guests can't take their eyes off of (not to mention their fingers!), you'll need a bit of a plan.

If you're putting together a bridal shower, engagement party, or any kind of gathering, here are some tips on how to create a stunning and satiating grazing table.

How to Create a Bridal Shower Grazing Table

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Grazing tables are all about color and texture. You can add both with your chosen food items, as well as with fresh florals, greenery, herbs, and dishware. Think of it like those collage posters you probably made as a teen. Once you have all your ingredients, natural elements, and dishes you can sort them into coordinating groups, layer, and design a feast that's as beautiful to the eyes as it is to the stomach. 

How to Create a Stylish Grazing Table

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And speaking of ingredients, choose local, fresh, and seasonal if you can. Offer a variety of meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, nuts, breads, and spreads. Think bowls of lush berries, boards of cold meats, cheese, and bread, antipasta, gourmet crackers, spices, oils, and candied nuts and seeds to fill in spots between larger items.

Stylish Grazing Table Tips

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To help create more texture, color, and height/layers (for that abundant 3D look) you can use things like vintage crates, baskets, signage, boards, slabs, and glass platters. You can even create a theme (rustic, modern, boho, etc.) to help you choose your props and decor pieces. 

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