How to Plan a Bridal Shower in One Month or Less

How to Plan a Bridal Shower in One Month or Less

A bridal shower isn't one of those pre-wedding events that needs a whole lot of time to plan, not like planning a wedding anyway. But it still requires time and effort to pull off. 

Wedding Wire says one should start planning the bridal shower four to six months out, as the event usually takes place about two months prior to the wedding. 

But what if you just don't have that kind of time luxury? What if you only have a month or less to plan a party that both the bride-to-be and her guests will enjoy?

The key is to keep it simple. That doesn't necessarily mean bare minimum - it just means prioritizing certain things and keeping things uncomplicated. Less is more, in this case, which also means less stress for you.

Keep these last minute bridal shower planning tips in mind and you'll find that you're able to put together an event that's as sweet and easy as a mini pie.

Send digital invitations. Now is not the time to think about ordering and sending out fanciful paper invitations. Save a tree and a whole lot of stress by going digital. You can customize digital invitations at places like Minted and Paperless Post. Or create your own using Canva or Crello. If there is someone on the guest list that doesn’t do email, give them a quick call or text and let them know the details.

Host at home. It's not uncommon to host a bridal shower at someone's home, and it is probably one of the easiest "venues" to secure for a last minute bridal shower. Consider using your own home/backyard or ask a friend or family member if they mind putting up their space for a few hours. You might also consider a restaurant (food taken care of!) or a community space.

Shop for decorations at your local stores. You might have pinned and hearted so many cute decoration ideas on Pinterest and Etsy by now, but do you have the time to make them? And do you really want to pay for express shipping and hope that your package isn't damaged? No thanks. Instead, browse through your local party and craft supply stores or head to Target (like you need a reason).

You can also turn to family and friends who might have tea sets, flower arrangements, vintage pieces, and other lovely decor items. Get creative, be resourceful. Bridal shower decorations don't have to be costly or time consuming.

Plan a simple menu. No one will fault you for serving light finger foods over a three-course meal. Think meat and cheese trays, veggies with dip, sandwiches, fresh-baked bread, etc. You can also get food catered or ask guests to pitch in and bring a dish (maybe one of the bride's favorites). As mentioned above, you could also host the shower at a restaurant where the food is already taken care of and everyone can order what they want.

Don't stress over activities. If you ask a group of people who have attended a bridal shower, it's likely that more than half of them will say they didn't enjoy the shower games and would rather have just mingled over cocktails and cake. That being said, if you still really want to include a game or two, The Knot has a list of fun and easy bridal shower games that don't take a lot of time planning or putting together.

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