Beautiful Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Beautiful Gifts to Give Your Bridesmaids


As a bride, you know how important your bridesmaids are. They are the butter to your bread, your right hand gals, and the shoulders you lean on, whether for a good cry or a good laugh. As your number one support group, it's only natural to want to lavish them with beautiful gifts that show how grateful you are for their friendship, especially during such an important and special time. When you start looking for bridesmaids gifts, you might feel a little overwhelmed at the sheer amount of options, but no worries. We've put together some of the best ideas for gifts your bridesmaids will adore.

1. Bridesmaid Box or Tote Bag

tote bag bridesmaid gift


There are so many beautiful gift boxes and cute tote bags out there that you'll probably want to keep one for yourself! You can choose from recyclable gift boxes, gable boxes, elegant lunch boxes, printed tote bags, and much more. Once you have your containable, fill it with gifts your bridesmaids will appreciate. Some ideas: lotions, lip balm, nail polish, edibles, mini champagne bottles, jewelry, and a personal note from you. You could even include something for each bridesmaid to wear on the wedding day, like a glittering hair comb or jeweled brooch

2. Stylish Water Bottle or Coffee Mug

coffee mug bridesmaid gift


First, a stylish water bottle makes drinking water throughout the day so much easier. Second, starting the day with a cute cup of coffee makes starting the day so much easier. Plus, I don't know a gal out there who doesn't love sipping her drink of choice out of something stylish. So do your bridesmaids a favor and gift them something to perk them up and refresh their daily routines.

3. Baked Goods

edible bridesmaid gift


What's the surest way to a bridesmaid's heart? The baked good, of course! Macarons, chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, mini cakes and pies - sweet treats will always go over well and are sure to be appreciated. If you don't want to risk a gift or favor that will be thrown in the trash, bet on the baked goods. A bag of homemade cookies or box of macarons will do the trick!

4. Candles

candle bridesmaid gift


Another gift that's sure to warm your bridesmaids' hearts? Candles, because who doesn't love a sweet smelling gift? Besides, a lady can never have too many, as she never knows what aroma will best fill her home today. Give her a few mini candles in varying scents or choose a long-lasting soy wax candle in a fresh, classic scent like linen or vanilla.

5. Hair Blowout

hair blowout bridesmaid gift


Whether your bridesmaids have had the blowout treatment or have never experienced one, they'll love getting the opportunity to pamper themselves. Check with your local salons to see if they offer packages or gift cards that go towards hair treatments.

6. Notebook and Pen

notebook bridesmaid gift


A notebook and pen set is a practical, yet stylish gift that will always come in handy. You could pick a blank page notebook for journaling and doodling or a daily planner for bridesmaids who love their organization tools.

7. Makeup Bag

makeup bag bridesmaid gift


A small makeup bag is the perfect gift for a bridesmaid, whether it's empty or filled with mini makeup goodies. If you decide to stuff it with extra gifts, think nail polish, makeup brushes, palettes, makeup wipes, lip balm, and maybe a temporary tattoo or two.

Even more bridesmaid gift ideas:

  • artisan soap
  • magazine subscription
  • personalized stationery
  • robe
  • gourmet coffee or tea
  • wine club membership
  • chocolates
  • luxurious throw or scarf
  • gift card to a hot new restaurant or favorite hole in the wall
  • spa gift card
  • scrapbook or album

Whatever you choose to give, whether it's handmade or a thoughtful purchase, be sure and let your bridesmaids know how much you appreciate them and thank them for being by your side on the journey to wedded bliss and beyond.

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