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Bridesmaid Dress Alternatives

I'm sure you've seen the many ways you can create a unique bridal look, one that's different from the traditional white dress and veil. But what about your bridesmaids? Is there a way you can put together a special look for them, while still keeping it classy? Of course there is! And we have just the inspiration you're looking for. Scroll down for some amazing alternative bridesmaid dress looks.

Bridesmaid Separates

Bridesmaid Dress Alternatives: Separates

Top: Fern Edwards via Rock My Wedding | Bottom Left: Aria Skirt | Bottom Right: Shannen Natasha Weddings via Martha Stewart Weddings

Whether it's a top and skirt, a pantsuit, or a pair of shorts with a blouse, this dress alternative is easy to play up or pair down, depending on the formality you're going for. You can also choose between mixing and matching your bridesmaid separates (different color skirts, for example) or keeping a cohesive look. And the great thing about letting your bridesmaids wear something like the pantsuit shown in the bottom photo is that the ladies can wear the outfit even after the wedding. 

Bridesmaid Jackets

Bridesmaid Dress Alternatives: Jackets

Left: Vanilla Photography via Junebug Weddings | Top Right: Raquel Benito via Hello May | Bottom Right: Long Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

A jacket is a simple way to create a unique bridesmaid look, and you can even wear one as the bride. There are many kinds to choose from: leather, denim, customized, matching, embroidered, painted. Have your bridesmaids wear different dresses, but matching jackets, or wear different jackets over the same dress, or have everything match. Think about all the options! 

Jumpsuits and Rompers

Bridesmaid Dress Alternative: Jumpers and Rompers

Left: Wedding O Mania | Top Right: Krista Mason Photography via Green Wedding Shoes | Bottom Right: Gabe Aceves via It Girl Weddings

First, jumpsuits - they're so versatile! They can be casual or glam and everything in between. Plus, they're comfy, which your bridesmaids will appreciate. And if you love the idea of your bridesmaids in all white, a jumpsuit is the perfect alternative to a white dress, as it's different enough from your dress that you'll still stand out. Next, rompers - they don't just have to be relegated to getting ready wear. Yes, they are a bit more casual, but that means they're perfect for beach weddings and those with more laid back themes. 

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