Bridesmaid Dresses Fit for a Summer Wedding

What makes a bridal party, besides the women standing next to you? The bridesmaid dresses! Once upon a time that might have meant awful pastel shades and poofy shoulder pads - you know, dresses that no one would want to wear, and especially not for events after the wedding.

But now, bridesmaid dresses are as elegant as the wedding dress and many of them are flexible enough to be worn as casual dresses long after the bridesmaid has walked down the aisle.

Today we're dishing out some of our favorite bridesmaid dresses that are perfect for a summer wedding. Light, airy fabrics, romantic sleeves, and pretty colors give these dresses a fresh summer vibe that your bridesmaids will want to wear everyday of the week!


Blush Pink Strapless Tea Length Bridesmaid Dress


Tea length dresses fall just below the knee or graze the ankle and give off a retro, but elegant vibe. Even if your summer wedding is more modern, a tea length bridesmaid dress will fit right in, as the short length will keep your maids cool. A strapless number, like the one above, will highlight your bridesmaids shoulders and the lace-hemmed skirt is ultra feminine. 


Blush Whimsical Off Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress


Strapless dresses don't always offer enough support, so for a pretty alternative consider the off-the-shoulder gown. The whimsical bridesmaid dress above is made of soft tulle, which is perfect for hot-weather weddings, and the draping short sleeves gives you the best of both the strapless and sleeved worlds. 


Cap Sleeve Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress


This gorgeous bridesmaid dress is summer approved. The turquoise color makes it the perfect pick for the beach and the cap sleeves are an elegant alternative to all of the other sleeve options. Not only that, the sleeves are made up of sparkling blue beads, giving it a bit of glamour. The chiffon fabric is light and airy and the pleated skirt will give your bridesmaids plenty of dancing room.


Two Piece Satin Ball Gown


One of the newest trends, both for wedding and bridesmaid dresses, is the two piece. Our satin ball gown is made up of a collared blouse and lace-hemmed skirt, making it great for brides and maids alike. All it takes is a request for a different color to make it bridesmaid appropriate (or you can follow the white bridesmaid dress trend). You can even mix and match the pieces with others for a truly unique look. 


Tea Length Cotton Lace Wedding Dress


Although created for a bride, this tea length cotton lace dress gives you an idea of how perfect it would be for a summer bridesmaid. Comfy cotton, lace layers, and an open back make it breathable and easy to move in, which is especially important during outdoor summer weddings. 

For even more bridesmaid dress styles, pop on over to our special occasion and bridesmaid dress collection. And if you have a design in mind, drop us a note and we'll be happy to talk with you about bringing your vision to life.

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