Creative Bridal Shower Decor Ideas

When it comes to bridal showers it may seem all too easy to cover the table in pastel plastic, blow up a few balloons, place some flowers on the mantel and call it decorating. But with all the options that are available today, why stick with the few items you quickly picked up on your way out of the supermarket? There are tons of creative bridal shower decorations to choose from and they are just as affordable and easy to put together. Here are some of my favorite ideas:


Bridal Shower Backdrop

Photo via Pinterest

A pretty and creative backdrop can be used behind the dessert table as an eye-catching piece of wall art or it can be placed behind the bride in the gift opening area (makes for great photos!). You could also use one as the designated photo backdrop for group pictures. Backdrops can be made up of everything from fresh flowers to patterned paper, empty frames to twinkling lights. It’s up to you whether you want to create it yourself or purchase one from places like Etsy where the seller does the handmade work for you.

Bar Cart Essentials

Bridal Shower Bar Cart

Photo by Scott Clark Photo via 100 Layer Cake

Never underestimate the power of a beautiful bar cart. Any old cart will do when you jazz it up with pretty napkins, patterned straws, and shimmering drink stirrers, like these from Bridal Shower Co.

Banners, Balloons, and Signs

Bridal Shower Balloons

Photo by Allie Marion Photography via Trueblu

Pick one or all three! There are all kinds of signage and balloon options to choose from, which may make it hard to narrow down, but pick what fits with the bridal shower theme and/or colors. There are oversized balloons, glitter-dipped and confetti-filled balloons, wall and chair banners, neon signs, tassels and garlands, and one of my favorites - balloon letters/signs.


Vintage Bridal Shower Placemats

Photo via Celebrations

Placemats, especially those that are personalized with the guest’s name or initials, can also double as bridal shower favors. So not only do they look stunning as decorations, but will give your shower guests something unique to take home and use long after the party is over.


Bridal Shower Confetti

Photo by Anecdotally Yours via HWTM

Confetti is always a good idea! And it can be anything from stars and glitter to sequins and flower petals. Sprinkle it around tables or use it as a photo prop.

Food Flattery

Bridal Shower Cupcakes

Photo via Pixabay

The bridal shower venue isn’t the only thing you can decorate. Try sprucing up the party food and drinks with cake toppers, fun straws, and glitter wrappers.

Unique Place Cards/Favors

Bridal Shower Favor and Place Card

Photo via Pixabay

Just as a personalized placemat can double as a favor, so can a unique place card. Set the table for each guest with something like a monogrammed notebook, pretty coin purse, or potted plant. Write or print each guest’s name on a piece of cardstock and place it in the favor. Voila! A fun decoration and favor that guests will appreciate.  

Painted Vases and BottlesPainted Bottle Vases

Photo via Handimania

Head to your local second-hand shop and pick up a handful of vases and bottles. You can use them as is if you think they fit the bridal shower look or get artsy and create a new look with paint, glitter, stickers, whatever! Afterward, place flowers inside the vases and/or bottles and set them on tables throughout the venue space.

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