How to Build a Bridesmaid Gift Box

Whether you're planning to ask your best gals the big question (Will you be my bridesmaid?) with a lovely gift or just want to give your bridesmaids a gift to say thank you, a bridesmaid box is the perfect way to express your love and gratitude. 

What is a bridesmaid box exactly? It's a gift box full of goodies for your maids or to-be maids. You can fill it with just about anything, and it doesn't necessarily have to be a box. A tote bag is just as nice to receive and can be used more than once.

If you're interested in 'proposing' or saying thank you to your friends in a unique way, keep reading to find out how to build a bridesmaid gift box that will really wow.

Find Your Container 

First you'll want to find what to put all the goodies in. This could be an actual box, a tote bag, a gift bag, a clutch, a makeup bag, or something similar. The size of the container will dictate how many gifts you can put inside, so choose carefully. If you want to stick with smaller gifts, a box or clutch are ideal, whereas a tote bag can hold bigger items. 

Engraved Bridesmaid Gift Box

Photo by The Bridal Box Co.


Bridesmaid Gift Tote Bag

Photo by Not On The High Street

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas 

There are so many options for gifts to fill your boxes and totes with that it would be impossible to name them all, but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • a personally-written card that expresses your thanks or asks the big question
  • jewelry
  • fresh flowers
  • mini bottles of champagne
  • beauty products like lotion and nail polish
  • candles
  • getting ready robe for wedding day
  • bath salts
  • sleep mask
  • temporary tattoos with a bridesmaid theme
  • edibles
  • tumbler
  • tea bags or coffee grounds

You can also fill your box with gifts that match your wedding theme and/or colors.These might include items that speak of your wedding locale (peach-themed for Georgia, for example), matching colors (lavender sachets for a lavender wedding), or bridesmaid essentials for the big day (tissues, nail file, special jewelry for them to wear on the wedding day, etc.).

Will You Be My Maid of Honor Gift Box

Photo by Jessica Fairchild via Trueblu


Bridesmaid Gift Boxes

Photo by Packed Party

One thing is for sure - if you're proposing to your potential bridesmaids, they won't be able to say no once you present them with a box full of beautiful gifts. And if you're saying, 'Thank you for being by my side', they'll feel so much gratitude. Besides, giving is just as fun and rewarding as receiving. 

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