How to Plan a Picnic Bridal Shower

International Picnic Day may have come and gone (it happens on June 18), but you can celebrate on any warm-weather day, official holiday or not. In fact, we think a picnic is the perfect theme for a bridal shower. In time's past, people used to relish the idea of getting together, spreading out the blanket, and sharing the baskets of food. It was a time to get away from busy life and just relax. 

Sound good? Here's how you can plan your own picnic get together to celebrate the bride-to-be.

Choose a Spot

You can host a picnic bridal shower just about anywhere, but ideally you'll want it to be outside. Somewhere like a local park with shade trees offers ample space as well as cover from the sun.

If you don't want to sit on the grass, stretch a tablecloth over a picnic table or set up tables in your backyard. If budget allows, consider renting a tent for guests to  mingle in (tables optional). They'll be shaded from the sun and kept dry should the sunny skies turn to rain. 

Pack the Essentials

Whether your picnic is at the park or at home, you'll need a few essentials: paper towels, bread knives, tableware, cleanup items, cold packs or ice for chilling, condiments, blanket/tablecloth, salt and pepper, etc. For a detailed picnic packing list, visit The Spruce's picnic checklist.  

How to Plan a Picnic Bridal Shower

Decide on Food and Drinks

Will your picnic be casual or elegant? And yes, you can have an elegant picnic! A casual menu might include cold tomato soup, lettuce wraps, grilled corn salad, pasta or potato salad, fried chicken, sandwiches or wraps, fruit salad, cookies, iced tea, water, or lemonade.

An elegant picnic menu can include items like loaves of bread, cheese, cold cuts, fresh fruits, hearty pasta salads, roasted chicken, and chilled rose. Even if you stick with the more casual menu, you can take your picnic to elegant levels by trading in paper plates for inexpensive china and plastic cups for goblets.

Plan Activities

What would a bridal shower be without games and activities? To help you decide on which activities guests will enjoy most, consider who is invited and their ages. Games might include a Frisbee or bean bag toss, board games and cards, or traditional bridal shower games like bridal bingo, toilet paper bride, or two truths and a lie. 

Don’t Forget the Tunes

Create a picnic playlist and tote a portable speaker so you will have some great background music to chill to. Check out your own music library and put together a mix or head to Youtube or Spotify to get listen to other's picnic playlists.

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