How to Pull Off White Bridesmaid Dresses

Wedding etiquette has always said that bridesmaids wearing white is an absolute no go, but ever since Kate Middleton dressed her own bridesmaids in the crisp, clean (non) color, brides have reconsidered the 'rule'.

For any bride-to-be wondering if she can dress her maids in the traditional brides-only color, the answer is yes. And yes, you will still stand out as the bride, even if you wear white yourself.

Here are some tips on how you can pull off white bridesmaid dresses and still look fabulous as the leading lady.

Tip #1: Wear a non-white wedding dress. 

Light Blue Princess Wedding Gown


Whether it's pearl pink, soft grey, or frosty blue, as the future bride you can choose to dress your maids in white while you walk the aisle in something more colorful. A colored dress will definitely help you stand out, but it's also a nice alternative to the traditional wedding gown. And if you don't want a full-color dress, consider a gown with a white bodice and colorful skirt

Tip #2: Give off-white a chance. 

Ivory Tea Length Wedding Dress


Shades of white, like ivory, champagne, snow, antique, and seashell, are just as elegant and beautiful as a traditional white gown. So you might choose to wear an off-white wedding dress while your bridesmaids wear a different white shade. Or perhaps you'll don the traditional color while your maids wear champagne. The possibilities are (almost) endless!

Tip #3: Alternate lengths. 

Alternating Lengths White Bridesmaid Dresses

Priscila Valentina Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

If you're wearing a floor-length gown, dress your maids in white tea length dresses. If you want to go the shorter route, have your bridesmaids wear longer dresses. The alternate lengths will give your audience visual cues and set the bridesmaids apart.

Tip #4: Formal vs. casual. 

Casual Bridesmaids Dresses

Photo via Pinterest

If you'd like to walk the aisle in a formal wedding gown, like a ball gown or chic mermaid silhouette, have the bridesmaids go before you in white dresses made of casual fabric like cotton or lightweight chiffon.

Tip #5: Different necklines. 

White Bridesmaids Dresses

Photo by Sara Lucero via Green Wedding Shoes

Another way you can stand out in your ethereal sea of white is by wearing a different neckline from the bridesmaids. For example, If your wedding gown is strapless, have the bridesmaids wear straps or one-shoulder dresses.

In the end, you don't have to worry about your bridesmaids stealing the show. You're the bride, after all, and will stand out no matter what you're wearing. So if you want your leading ladies to walk the aisle in white, by all means, put them in white! It's creative, refreshing, and just what a modern wedding needs, no matter what the wedding rules say.

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