Spring Bridal Shower Ideas

Spring has sprung! Well, in some places. For others, there's still a bit of winter in the air, but don't lose heart. The flowers will blossom soon enough and your windows will beckon to be opened. 

Are you planning a spring bridal shower or want to give your bridesmaids a little hint? Here are some spring bridal shower ideas you might enjoy incorporating into your own spring fling.

Spring Bridal Shower Themes

There are a plethora of bridal shower themes, but these are two of our favorite for spring.

Tea Party in the Garden

Whether your party is actually held outdoors or not, doesn't matter. You can bring the garden inside with colorful flower arrangements and greenery. If you have a chance to hold the party in an actual garden, even better! You can make use of all the natural decor, which is both beautiful and free.

For the tea party, you can either use a matching tea set and linens or go for a more whimsical look with different patterns and colors. You can ask relatives or friends if they have tea sets (if you don't already own cups, saucers, teapot, etc.), or scour second-hand shops for interesting pieces.

Offer your guests a variety of hot and cold tea flavors, plus a few dainty finger foods like sandwiches, sliced vegetables with dip, scones, sweet biscuits, and citrus bars. 

Spring Bridal Shower Themes

Bridal Shower Brunch

Fill a tabletop with colorful floral plates, bowls of berries, fresh flowers, and both votive and tapered candles. 

For the brunch buffet, set up a table of sweets and savories like quiche, biscuits, pancakes, bacon, fruit, eggs, pastries, and of course, a bridal shower cake. You can find plenty of brunch menus online - just do a quick search and mix and match to create your perfect menu.

And don't forget the mimosa bar!

Spring Bridal Shower Activities

Set your bridal shower apart with games and activities that get people engaged (not that kind of engaged!) and happily so. No toilet paper wedding dress or bridal shower bingo here.

Keys to Happiness 

Keys to Happiness Bridal Shower Game


Make Your Own Flower Crown Bar 

DIY Flower Crown Bar


Cootie Catcher 

Bridal Shower Cootie Catcher


Blessing Way and Meditation 

Blessing Way Ritual

Photo via Violet Gray

Spring Bridal Shower Favors

With all of the beautiful spring bridal shower favor options, it might be hard to choose just one. And you'll probably want to get one for yourself! Here are some ideas for favors the ladies will love taking home.

And if you're looking for what to wear to a spring bridal shower, check out our post for brides and guests alike: What to Wear to a Spring Bridal Shower.

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