5 Summer Bachelorette Party Ideas

Whether you're a bride collecting ideas for a summer bachelorette party or one of the bridesmaids planning a poolside bash for your bestie, you'll find all the inspiration you'll need within this post. It's all floppy hats, pool floats, and refreshing cold cocktails from here on out!

Idea #1: Summer Fun Favors 

Summer Bachelorette Party Idea - Tote Bag Favors

Photo by Lin Pernille via Trueblu

Fill a tote bag with summer essentials for the gals: bath and body products, nail polish, a hydrating mist, and something fun like a flower crown to wear during the party. You can either have the bags sitting out for guests to pick up as they arrive or hand them out after the celebration. Either way, the girls are going to love these summer fun goodies.

Idea #2: Stand Out from the Crowd

Summer Bachelorette Party Ideas - Stand Out

Keep Life Simple Design

Whether the bachelorette party is by the pool, on the beach, or near a lake/river, make sure the bride stands out by having her wear something like a decorated sunhat, while the rest of the group wears flower crowns, caps, or some other kind of fun head wear. 

Idea #3: Tropical Delights 

Summer Bachelorette Party Ideas - Pineapple Decor

Photo via Jewel Flash Tattoos

Nothing says summer like all things tropical. Paint pineapples (or keep them natural) and tie balloons to them as decor. Incorporate palm leaf patterns or use tropical flowers to decorate the table. Pops of color and greenery can also add a tropical punch to your party items. 

Idea #4: Go with the Float

Summer Bachelorette Party Ideas - Pool Floats

Photo by Lin Pernille via Trueblu

With so many pool float designs these days, it will be hard to choose just one. Surprise the bride with her very own float (unicorn, donut, crocodile!) or grab a few for everyone to enjoy. 

Idea #5: Inked

Summer Bachelorette Party Ideas - Temporary Tattoos

Design by Kristin McGillivray

Some gals might want to go the extra mile and get matching permanent tattoos to commemorate the day (taking best friends forever to a whole new level!), but for the rest of us, temporary tattoos will get the job done. There are loads of fun designs that match bachelorette party and bridal shower occasions - peruse Etsy to see what I mean. You can also poke around your local party store to see what's available.

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