Summer Tea Party Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal showers and tea parties go together like biscuits and jam, peanut butter and jelly, strawberries and cream. Combine them with a beautiful summer afternoon and you have a recipe for success.

A summer tea party is a lovely way to celebrate the future bride's nuptials. It's a time to gather the girls, put on floppy hats, and settle in for a day of delicious food, conversation, and of course, tea!

Here are some ideas on how you can put together an entertaining bridal shower tea party this summer.

Set the Table

When deciding on decorations and how the table or tables will be set up, consider the formality of your tea party bridal shower. Do you want to go all out and place silverware and dishes according to a proper afternoon tea setting? Or would you rather keep it casual with no set table setting plan? 

No matter which you choose, you can decorate your table with a pretty tablecloth, fresh flowers, and a few tealights. 


Tea Party Bridal Shower Tea Setting

Photo by Amazing Days Events

Bridal Shower Tea

Hot tea is a staple for tea parties, but since it's summer you can also offer plain and fruit-infused iced tea as a refreshing alternative. For the hot teas, provide milk, sugar, honey and give guests a variety of teas to choose from: peppermint, Earl Gray, English Breakfast, jasmine green tea, herbal blends, etc. You can find tea bags and whole tea leaves at most supermarkets. If you want to get fancy, you can purchase individual bags of tea leaves from specialty shops and let guests create their own blends. 


Tea Party Teacup

Bridal Shower Tea Party Food

Think light and refreshing finger foods and sweets for an afternoon tea party: sandwiches, raw vegetables and dip, seasonal fruit, scones and jam, muffins, doughnuts, cake, lemon bars, or try your hand at any of the many tea party recipes you can find on the internet. 


Bridal Shower Tea Party Food


Bridal Shower Tea Party Activities

From crafting to quizzes, there are a million and one bridal shower games you can choose from. The main idea is to keep guests engaged. The last thing you want to see is someone yawning and checking the time. You don't have to plan a whole host of activities though. Even just one or two (like an icebreaker and a main game) is suitable for an afternoon tea party. Check out The Spruce's article on the best bridal shower games to get some ideas.


Bridal Shower Tea Party Games

Photo via Country Living

Bridal Shower Tea Party Favors

We love the idea of giving tea-themed guest favors. Send them off with a tin of loose-leaf tea or tea bags and a strainer, a teacup and spoon, or a teacup filled with little goodies (tea, strainer, honey, stirrer, etc.). Or gift them a cookie cutter and homemade cookie mix. Other gifts: soaps, candles, potpourri sachets, jewelry, seed packets, lip balm, notebook...the possibilities are endless! 


Tea Party Favors

Photo by Blooming With Joy

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