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What to do with Your Bridesmaid Dress After the Wedding

Last week we talked about what the bride can do with her wedding dress after the big day.

But what about the bridesmaid? What should she do with her dress after the cake is eaten and the champagne fizzles?

Assuming you don't want to wear it as an everyday casual outfit, here are some other things you can do with your bridesmaid dress after the wedding bells ring.

Donate to Becca's Closet

Donate your dress to this nonprofit and you'll give a high school student (with financial needs) a chance to wear it at prom. Search your area for a Becca's Closet chapter or mail in your dress to their headquarters in Florida.  

Hand it Down 

A simple way to get more use from your old bridesmaid dress is to hand it down to any youngsters you might know. Perhaps they'll put it in their dress up closet, use it as a Halloween costume, or bedazzle it into something new.

Save it for Halloween 

Planning on going to a Halloween party and need a quick costume? Maybe your bridesmaid dress is exactly what you need! Instead of dishing out $50-$100 on a new costume, construct one from your dress or use as is. A few tweaks and you can have yourself a princess/witch/fairy look in no time.

Get Crafty 

There are so many ways you can reuse your bridesmaid dress fabric. If you're the crafty sort, coming up with ideas will be easy, but to get you started: fashion it into doll's clothing to sell or give; make it into something new, like a skirt or top; craft it into home goods like a table runner, napkins, chair covers, curtain, etc.

Sell It 

One woman's trash is another woman's treasure. Post your dress on Ebay or, if it's of the vintage variety, sell it on Etsy. If all else fails, you can try putting it in your mom's next garage sale. 

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