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3 Surprising Things You Should Do the Day After Your Wedding

Oct 21 2018 after the wedding day after wedding day after wedding to do things to do after wedding

You've probably read about all the things you should do after you get engaged (pick out a date, discuss a budget, file paperwork, etc.) and after you get married (pack for the honeymoon, possibly change your name, send out thank you notes), but what about the day after your wedding? Yes, we're talking about the very next day after you pledge your commitment to your one and only.  We have three surprising things - a to-do list of items that probably haven't even crossed your mind - to transition you into wedded bliss with a big ole smile on your face.  Because...

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How to Handle a Difficult Bridesmaid

Sep 21 2018 bridesmaid advice difficult bridesmaid advice handling a bridesmaid handling a difficult bridesmaid

7 Positive Love and Marriage Affirmations You Can Use Now and Forever

May 20 2018 affirmations for love affirmations for marriage affirmations for relationship love affirmations love and marriage affirmations positive affirmations for marriage wedding affirmations

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