3 Surprising Things You Should Do the Day After Your Wedding

3 Surprising Things You Should Do the Day After Your Wedding

You've probably read about all the things you should do after you get engaged (pick out a date, discuss a budget, file paperwork, etc.) and after you get married (pack for the honeymoon, possibly change your name, send out thank you notes), but what about the day after your wedding? Yes, we're talking about the very next day after you pledge your commitment to your one and only. 

We have three surprising things - a to-do list of items that probably haven't even crossed your mind - to transition you into wedded bliss with a big ole smile on your face. 

Because let's face it, after all that wedding planning and then the big day itself, you and your spouse will probably enjoy these chilled out suggestions.

Wake Up Next to Your Spouse

Wake Up Next To Your Spouse

Hello! You're married now! And although you may have been waking up next to each other for years, you never got to say, "Good morning, hubby/wifey." At least not in the official sense. The morning after your wedding is a morning of firsts, as everything you do the moment you open your eyes (say good morning, kiss, maybe other stuff *wink wink*) will be the first time you did it as a married couple. 

But once you've wiped the sleep from your eyes and greeted the day, don't feel like you have to jump out of bed, unless you absolutely have to. You've been on a whirlwind adventure since you got engaged and you probably celebrated to the max on your wedding day, so take the time to relax. Just chill with your spouse, eat breakfast in bed, recall yesterday's events, laugh, maybe fall back asleep.

Open Gifts

Open Gifts

Yay! It's time to open gifts! And who doesn't love doing that? In all the hustle and bustle of wedding activities, you probably didn't even have time to look at the table of gifts from guests. Unless you asked for donations to a beloved charity or cause, friends and family probably picked out some items from your registry and wrapped them up for your delight. So go ahead! Choose a gift each and start unwrapping all the useful, fun things your guests bought just for you.

Look at Photos and Videos

Look at Wedding Photos and Videos

You probably haven't gotten any of the photos back from your wedding photographer, but there's bound to be some tagged photos on social media (if you allowed that, of course). And perhaps you captured a few moments yourself. Whatever the case, browse through all those funny, beautiful, happy photos and videos and relive your special day all over again.

This might be the most relaxing, chilled out to-do list you've ever had, and will ever have, so enjoy it. Cherish this first day as a wedded couple and look forward to the many days you have ahead with each other. 

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