5 Unique Ways to Honor Dad at Your Wedding

Last week we gave you some ideas on how to honor the mother-of-the bride at the wedding. Today, we're bringing you some unique ways you can honor Dad at your wedding, whether he's the father of the bride or the groom.

We all know Dad usually walks the bride down the aisle and gets one of the first dances with the bride, but how else can a bride or groom honor Pops during this special time?

1. Borrow something old. Just as a bride might wear her mother's strand of pearls, a bride or groom can borrow something from Dad to carry or wear during the wedding. Maybe it's the cuff links he wore during his own wedding fastened onto the bridal bouquet, or maybe the groom wears his Dad's tie pin. 

2. Give him a gift. Whether it's the night before or moments before the ceremony, giving your Dad a sentimental gift is a great way to express your love and gratitude for him. You could present him with a handwritten note or poem, along with a small trinket of affection, like a photo of the two of you in a nice frame or something engraved with "Father of the Bride/Groom."

3. Display his wedding photos. Set up a welcome/guest book table and decorate it with photos from your parents' wedding day. Or mix it up with a few pictures of you as a kid hanging with your folks. 

4. Include a note in the program. Did Dad play a role in wedding planning? Give him a shout-out in the program to show your gratitude. Something as simple as, "This couldn't have been possible without the help from my Dad (insert name here). Thank you so much for all that you've done. Love you," will make a huge impact.

5. Share a first look photo. If you're planning a first look photo with your fiance, why not extend that opportunity to your dad? Both of you will cherish the moment forever and you'll have a keepsake to hang in your homes. 

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