7 Creative Wedding Ideas for Something New

Of course you'll be gathering quite a few new things for your wedding: the dress, veil, shoes, accessories, etc. But you'll also want to consider that special new piece that acts not only as a lucky charm, but as a reflection and symbol of you and your partner's future together. 

Here are 7 creative wedding ideas you can use as your something new. 

1. Carry a Pocket Token

This is the perfect something new idea for brides wearing a wedding dress with pockets. Find a token that symbolizes your relationship or that means something to the both of you, like a hand-stamped heart, a key, or whatever charm speaks to you. Even if your dress doesn't have pockets you can carry the token with you by way of your bouquet or as a piece of jewelry.

2. Customized Mug 

You probably won't be carrying a mug down the aisle, but you can certainly start the wedding morning with a cup of coffee in a bride-themed mug. Makes a great prop for getting ready photos as well.

3. Wedding Garter

It might be traditional, but a garter can also act as your something new. Find one that speaks to your style, whether it's jeweled lace or ruffled with ribbons. You  might also consider having something special embroidered onto your garter, like your wedding date or new name.

4. Flower Hair Accessory

May your love blossom like the flowers in your hair! Tuck a crystal comb into your updo or pin a cluster of ivory flowers into your long, flowing locks.

5. Manicure

Whether you go for a simple Tiffany blue design or something more dramatic (think illustrations and crystals), a manicure is an easy and beautiful way to complete the "something new" tradition. Plus, you can use it as an excuse for a pampering spa day. You deserve it, bride-to-be!

6. Bouquet Charm/Wrap

There are so many beautiful items you can wrap around your bridal bouquet or attach as charms. Wrap your flowers in bohemian style macrame, a monogrammed cuff, or an ethereal gauze runner. You could also tuck a personalized handkerchief into your bouquet or pin meaningful charms to your wrap.

7. Perfume

Not only will a new perfume act as your "something new," but the scent will forever be connected to your special day. Every time you wear it, you'll be reminded of one of the best days of your life!

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