Meaningful Something Borrowed Wedding Ideas

Like the other items in the poem (old, new, blue), the something borrowed item is steeped in tradition.

In ye olden days, brides didn't just pick out any old thing from a family member or friend. Instead, they searched for something meaningful. They would look to those who had inspiring marriages and borrow an item in the hopes that they too would have a long and happy union. 

To help you on your path to finding a meaningful item to borrow, we've collected the ideas below. Take them as is or put your own creative twist on them.

Meaningful Ideas for the Something Borrowed Wedding Tradition

  • Sew a piece of your mother or grandmother's dress or veil into yours. Obviously you'll want to check that they're okay with letting go of a piece of their wedding attire. If so, cut off some of the fabric (in the shape of a heart, perhaps) and have it sewn into the inside of your wedding gown as a secret something borrowed.
  • Channel Lady Luck with a "sixpence." The last part of the poem states, "And a sixpence in her shoe." If any of your family or friends wore a penny on their wedding day (and still have it), ask if you can borrow it and place it in your shoe or tape it to the bottom for a more comfortable walk down the aisle.
  • "Borrow" wedding vows. Technically, you can't borrow a reading, but it fulfills the requirement nonetheless. For this idea, you can actually incorporate someone's vows into your own or take a piece as a quote and have it embroidered onto a handkerchief, sewn inside your dress, or made into a bouquet charm.
  • Wear a piece of jewelry or an accessory. You might wear Grandma's vintage hairpin, a family heirloom necklace, or have Dad's pearl stud set re-purposed into buttons for your wedding dress. You could also wrap your bouquet with your grandpa's necktie or wear your best married friend's pearl earrings. 
  • Incorporate borrowed items into your decor. Think family dishes at your dessert table, vintage linens for your tablescapes, flower vases, art pieces, etc. 
  • Dance to a "borrowed" song. If your parents or grandparents are still together and had a first dance song, play it during your own first dance together. You could even keep it as a surprise if you want to see major tears of joy shed.

Whatever you choose as your something borrowed, make sure it's not only from a meaningful marriage, but that it's meaningful to your own love story. 

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