Save-the-date Ideas that are Perfect for a Summer Wedding

What comes to mind when you think of summer? Blue skies, sunshine, air conditioner, ice cream, frappucinos, warm nights, beaches, balmy breezes, sunburns, suntans, lemonade and ice tea in the afternoon, lazy Sundays, bold colors, flowers, fruit salad, and...


Whether your wedding falls during the beginning of the summer season, when you find yourself moving your cardigans to the back of the closet, or the end, when the long, hot days find you napping in front of the fan, a summer wedding deserves a save-the-date that speaks of its essence. 

Your save-the-date is one of the first things your wedding guests will see, so you'll definitely want to make a statement about the kind of wedding you're having. And with your wedding happening during the summer months, you have plenty of cheery, inspiring, and beautiful themes to choose from.

Here we have some save-the-date ideas that are perfect for a summer wedding.


The tropical vibe is high during the summer months, as everyone starts dreaming about beach vacations and umbrella drinks. A save-the-date with a tropical theme might include jungle foliage, tiki details, palm trees, pineapples, and hibiscus flowers. 

Tropical Theme Save-the-Date

Photo via Hip Hip Hooray


A nautical theme might be obvious for a summer wedding, but that doesn't mean it should be discounted. Nautical colors and prints can be elegant and fun and can include anything from anchors and sailboats to mermaids and pirate ships. You might also consider incorporating a "tie the knot" detail into your nautical theme. 

Nautical Theme Save-the-Date

Photo via Pinterest


What better time to travel than during summer? Treat your guests to a travel theme by sending them a passport, luggage tag, postcard, flight ticket, or something with a similar traveling feel. You can get really creative with this theme, so take a look around Pinterest or do a search for "travel save-the-dates" for lots of ideas you can pass on to your designer (or DIY!).

Travel Save-the-Date 

Photo by Tricia Kim


Summer is always full of bold, bright colors like pink, orange, green, and yellow. Tropical punch or sunset colors, you could call them. Infuse your save-the-dates with cheery hues and have your guests grinning as they anticipate your wedding invitations.

Bright Save-the-Date

Photo via Pinterest


The "good old days" usually consist of summer memories. How can we forget the languid afternoons, catching fireflies at night, and the family vacations? If you're keen to reminisce, add a little nostalgia to your save-the-dates in the form of a photo or with details that speak of days gone by.

Library Card Save-the-Date

Photo by We Due Dates 

Now that you have some ideas for your save-the-date cards, it's time to start dreaming about your wedding dress! We have gorgeous summer wedding gowns that will take you from beach to boardwalk. Just take a look at our beach wedding dresses and read our guide to choosing an outdoor wedding dress.

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