Cute and Creative Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

Last week we wrote about how to build a bridesmaid gift box to give your bridemaids-to-be or to say thank you to the ladies who have already helped you through wedding planning.

Today we're giving you even more gift ideas for your future bridesmaids, but these are specifically designed to help you pop the question ('Will you be my bridesmaid?') to the gals you want by your side before and during the wedding. 

Without further ado, here are our a few of our favorite bridesmaid proposal ideas that are both straight from the heart and stylish.

Brunch & Balloons 

Since brunch is such a huge thing in the wedding world right now, extend its popularity to a bridesmaid proposal brunch. You can tell your gal pals that you'd like to have them over for a pre-wedding party, but keep the proposal a secret.

Serve brunch goodies like waffles or fruit-filled pancakes, mini doughnuts, savory items, and of course, mimosas or sangria. 

Once everyone is seated, hand out an unsuspecting box, like the one below. The surprise is revealed once each girl pops her balloon. 

Bridesmaid Proposal Box with Balloon

Photo by Quiet Like Horses

Candle Gram 

Gifting a scented soy candle with a personalized label is a beautiful way to ask your future maids the big question.

Plus, they'll be able to take it home and infuse their rooms with divine scents like vanilla sugar and rose wood and musk. 

Bridesmaid Scented Candle

Photo by Lollyrocket Candle Co.

Wedding-day Jewelry 

Now it's your turn to pop the question! Whether you purchase a card like the one below or put together your own creation, your to-be-bridesmaids will love getting a unique piece of jewelry.

Better yet, ask each maid to wear her circle charm necklace (or whatever kind of jewelry you gift) during the wedding to symbolize the friendship.

Bridesmaid Proposal Necklace

Photo by Petal and Paperie 

Rosé All Day 

Get your proposal on by giving your friends something pretty to sip from, like a wine glass etched with their title. 

You could also include a mini bottle of rosé wine or champagne, then pop, fizz, clink to celebrate!

Bridesmaid Wine Glass

Photo by One Dainty Tulip

Kiss and Makeup 

Although proposing to your friends is far from saying, 'Sorry,' (and thank goodness for that), you can still 'kiss' and 'makeup' with a personalized makeup bag.

Fill it with beauty products you know they'll love: lipstick, nail polish, perfume samples, face masks...

You could even make the gift more personal by including a beauty item that's unique to each bridesmaid. Nail polish in each girl's favorite color, for example. 

Bridesmaid Makeup Bag

Photo by Hanmade Designs UK

What do you think about these proposal gifts? Have you ever been given a bridesmaid gift that you really appreciated? Let us and your fellow brides know!

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