How to be the Best Maid of Honor Ever

If you’ve said “I do” and are officially the bride's Maid of Honor, congratulations! Donning the title of maid of honor is both an honor and an adventure. The bride has asked you to be her right-hand gal, after all.

As the MOH there are lots of tasks ahead, parties to plan, and memories to make. You’ll be expected to share some of the wedding planning duties, offer support (whether through tears or laughter), and help the bride-to-be with all kinds of things, from dress fittings to helping the future Mrs. take a bathroom break. 

I’m sure you'll want to go above and beyond your title's duties and be the best maid of honor ever. Keep reading for tips on how you can be the kind of MOH every bride dreams of.

Take Control

I'm not saying become the boss lady - that's the bride, of course - but as the MOH you'll need to get organized, communicate with the rest of the bridal party, and make sure timelines and appointment are handled. 

Get the bridesmaids’ phone numbers and email addresses so you can communicate with them when you aren’t together. You can also talk to and keep in touch with any family members/vendors/friends the bride might need help communicating with.

Remember to also give your number and email address to family, friends, and vendors so that you can help field questions. That way the bride doesn't have to worry about receiving every phone call or email and that can be a huge help when in the midst of wedding planning.

Host a Bridal Party Get Together 

Once the future bride has her bridal party sorted out, organize a small, casual get together to help everyone get to know each other before all the pre-wedding activities start. During the get together everyone can exchange info and talk about upcoming tasks, parties, etc. 

Surprise the Bride 

A surprise, like a spa day for the two of you, can help the bride (and you!) take a moment for relaxation and even offer a little bonding time. You could also surprise her by hiring a photographer for the bridal shower or bachelorette party.

A sweet surprise doesn't have to be expensive. Offer to cook her dinner, take her out for lunch, or put together a bridal box/tote with wedding-themed goodies.

Help Stock the Bridal Suite

Since the bridal suite will be the bridal party's headquarters for the wedding day, it's important to stock it with some essentials.

  • Music Playlist: Okay, it's not an essential, but it is fun to have some music going while everyone is getting ready. You can also bring some magazines to read during downtime.
  • Emergency Kit: The kit can include things like a blow dryer, bandages, sewing kit, scissors, tissues, mints, pain reliever, dental floss, hair pins, etc.
  • Snacks and Water: It's easy to stay fueled and hydrated throughout the day when Bridal HQ is stocked with small, light snacks and plenty of water.

Help Clean Up

Your duties won't end after everyone says goodnight. Make sure all items are retrieved (rented items and gifts, for example), the bridal suite is cleaned up, vendors are tipped, and everything’s taken care of at the end of the night.

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