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Stephanie, Brazil | Strapless Organza Princess Ruffle Wedding Dress

Stephanie was referred to us by another Brazilian bride who have purchased her wedding dress from Ieie's Bridal Dress previously. She's young and vibrant and wanted a simple and intimate wedding that's very different from the typical Brazilian ceremony. She wanted a princess style wedding dress that's light and moves with the wind, "no beads, no shine, and no exaggeration" were her exact words. Most of our Brazil Brides wanted lace style wedding dress. 
Several messages were exchanged before we finalized all the details on her dress Stella Y130407, a modified version of the original Miranda Y1037



Wedding: 09/28/2013

Thank you Stephanie for sharing your beautiful wedding photos with us!


Feedback from Stephanie:

I'm from Brazil and was really hard for me trust in someone in other country, someone that i never see... But when i saw the dress, this is what a i felt and what i said to Wendy... 

I have no words to describe what I felt when i got the dress. 
I laughed, I jumped, I cried, I yelled...I couldn't stop touching it, looking at each detail, smiling and crying. It was more than perfect. There is no other adjective, it is perfect. 
You saw my dreams and made them true even with more beauty than I could imagine!!! 
Wendy, I'm sending you pictures of me with the dress. I can write, I swear. Writing and speaking are the main part of my job and talent. But you've made me speechless. 

Congratulations! It was worth all my anxiety, all my nightmares of something going wrong, all the nervousness... you've made it worthwhile. You're talented, wonderful and even I have never met you, I feel you're my friend. 

Keep using your talent. You don't simply make dresses, you make dreams come true. 
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