Wedding Dress Hacks

Although ieie Bridal isn't completely a DIY bridal boutique, we do allow the bride to create a wedding dress that is as unique as she is. You may not be sewing it yourself, but you'll have a lot of design control and you'll be able to get the dress that's perfect for you.

With that being said, once you've started the design process with us, there are a few hacks you can apply to your custom-designed wedding gown to make it even more you. By applying these hacks, you'll know you'll be the only one in the world with your dress!

Hacks to make your dress look more expensive:

Want a $10,000 dress on a $1000 budget? No problem! A few things you can do to get the look:

  • Choose a softer shade of white like ivory, as it will give your dress a more luxe look. Sharp white can look cheap and the bright color might glow in photos (more fluorescent than diamond).
  • Accentuate your dress (and your waist!) with a sparkly belt or satin sash. Jeweled belts can add a bit of bling to a dress without going overboard, and a satin sash is super elegant.
  • Cover the zipper with satin buttons. See a dress you like, but don't want the zipper to show? Just ask our designers to hide it with a row of satin buttons. Instant luxe!

Hacks to make your dress more comfortable:

So you've picked out a strapless wedding gown and want to make sure it stays nice and tight throughout the wedding. To steer clear of constant adjustments try:

  • Wearing the right undergarments. It all starts with a good "foundation." Wear a convertible or strapless bra, corset, or no-slip style bra.
  • Ask your designer to apply silicone grips along the sides of your dress top.
  • Try an adhesive backless bra or have cups sewn in after you've been fitted. 

 Hacks for wedding dress emergencies:

  • If you spill something on your dress or notice a stain, do not put stain remover on the spot, as it may brighten the stain and make it more noticeable. Instead, put a little soda water on it and dab gently.  
  • For oily stains like makeup or lipstick, cover the spot with cornstarch and wait 15 minutes before removing the excess powder with a soft bristle brush.
  • If your weight has fluctuated and you find that your dress is too tight, contact a tailor, if you have time, or remove your undergarments for a quick fix. Even just one layer removed can help give you more room.


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